Kidney Stone Success

Just a quick update today on Neil’s kidney stone procedure.

He had his second procedure yesterday…and the stent that was in for a week successfully expanded the ureter from kidney to bladder so that the doc could get the scope up there…and laser the stone into dust which should pass uneventfully over the next week or so.

Best of all…he did not need to put in a stent to help the pieces pass as it was completely demolished…this means no stent removal sans drugs in the office in a week or so. He should have one followup appointment next week sometime and then be free to move about the country. 

We’re already paid up here at Cody Wyoming Trout Ranch Campground through Labor Day…so we’ll leave here Tuesday Sep 3. Plans are to transit from here to North Platte NE for a 3 night stay then overnight to Junction City to get the rig’s booboo fixed…then on to our previously scheduled appointments with MORRyde and Quadra (Bigfoot jacks) for routine maintenance. Assuming all that goes well…we’ll pick our 50 trip starting in Cincinnati OH before heading east and then south for the winter.

We’ll spend the remainder of our time here in Cody until Labor Day seeing the eastern side of Yellowstone NP, some scenic drives in the Bighorn Mountains, and probably a boat trip the river.

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4 Responses to Kidney Stone Success

  1. Cat White says:

    YAY! May it all go perfectly.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Seems to be. A little soreness and peeing little rocks but no real pain as the rocks are small.


      The three kinds of stress…nuclear, cooking and a&&hole. Jello is the key to the relationship.


    • Neil Laubenthal says:



      The three kinds of stress…nuclear, cooking and a&&hole. Jello is the key to the relationship.


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