We’re Back Home In North Fort Myers

My last post went up our last day in Cedar Key but before Happy Hour and sunset. We had a great last day…did the outside packing up and dumped/flushed our tanks and put away some of the inside stuff…then went over to the Tiki Bar for Happy Hour followed by a great pasta dinner Neil put together. Along the way there was a pretty decent sunset.

Friday Nov 1 we did our usual travel day routine…alarm at 0530 and then coffee and breakfast and then started underway preparations at 0800. We were done, hitched, and pulling out of the campground by about 0930 for the 250 mile trip down to North Fort Myers. The first 100 miles is on 4 lane at grade highways on US-19 and US-98 then we hopped on I-75 for the last 150 miles. Stopped and had a hot dog for lunch shortly after getting on the freeway, got stuck in some traffic in the Tampa area, and proceeded on arriving at Seminole Campground for the winter right before 1500. We quickly got checked in and backed into our normal site 101…then did as much setup as we could until we ran out of gas…that got us about halfway done inside but with all of our utilities connected and some of the outside setup done as well. We ran over to the local Chinese take out and picked up some dinner…this place we just found out about and it’s really good…which is outstanding since we’ve been looking for years for a decent Chinese restaurant down here and the closest we’ve found is the sushi/Chinese place we frequent for raw fish but their Chinese isn’t that great.

I gotta tellya…it’s really, really nice to be back home…we’ve pretty much moved way, way too fast the last two travel seasons and are really ready to be non-mobile for awhile.

Saturday…another setup day…inside done and about 80% of the outside stuff done before it got too hot and we quit again. Besides…we had to run over to church in the afternoon…November 2 is All Soul’s Day and there’s a special indulgence that you can get that will break one person each out of Purgatory. Connie’s got a list of folks to break out going but this year Baby Sis got moved to the head of the line…so Neil went with her so she wouldn’t get any further behind. After that…we went over to the Elks Lodge for a hot dog for dinner and a couple of brews…Neil got drafted to be in the Veterans Day Parade next Sunday since he’s a veteran…he’ll be the guy in the back of the convertible waving to the cheering throngs I guess. We also got our flu vaccines in the late morning…and since there’s a new Shinglex vaccine which is better than the old shingles vaccine we got the first of 2 shots for that as well…Tricare covers all our immunizations with zero co-pay. Pro tip…don’t get multiple immunizations on the same day, especially if one of them is the Shinglex. Neil gets the high dose flu vaccine now since he’s over 65.

By bedtime…we were feeling sort of lousy again…immunizations as you know cause your body’s immune system to kick into gear and create the antibodies which actually protect you from whatever the immunization is for. Well…ours kicked in pretty good, especially with the double immunization…and we were still not back to 100% from the crud before.

Sunday…we felt worse again…low grade fever and a lot of aches and stuff…but that’s what Advil is for. We made it through Mass then came home and took naps in the afternoon. Dinner was supposed to be duck breast which we had taken out and thawed and was sitting in the fridge letting the skin dry out since that helps it to get nice and crisp later…but we felt so lousy we ended up eating the leftover Chinese instead.

Monday…feeling pretty much back to normal although we will most definitely not do the double immunization thing again. We went down to our dentist here and got our semi-annual cleaning…all is well on that front…and were back home by 1100. We picked up our computer shipping box from the office…Neil’s 2015 MacBook Pro got recalled for some sort of battery issue…he’s not having the problem that caused the recall but he’ll get a completely new battery out of the deal…his battery health is down to 84% of original so that will be nice. Apple will pay the shipping both ways as well as the new battery and he’ll be laptop-less for probably 4 or 5 days total.

Gordon…our local repair guy down here…will be by Monday afternoon as well…we need to get out toilet rebuilt as well as figure out why the water heater won’t work on electric the past few weeks…parts will likely be needed but at least we’ll get the ball rolling on that front. We’ll do the duck breast for dinner along with some rice and winter squash that Connie is picking up while she’s in the Publix shopping center getting her nails done as they’re well overdue for a refill and polish.

We’ve got a busy first full week here…a trip Wednesday up to Tampa to get her military ID card renewed and Neil’s fixed as they screwed it up when he got it renewed in April before we left. Thursday…a visit to his audiologist to get his hearing aids checked and then run into Coconut Point Mall to the Apple store to look at the new Apple Watch Series 5…they’re thinking about getting them for their anniversary. Saturday night is the Snowflake Ball at the Elks…dunno what that it is but there’s stuffed pork roast for dinner and dancing so it should be fun. We were going to have a trip to Sarasota for our first Sarasota Orchestra Masterworks concert of the season…but since Neil got drafted for the parade we swapped those tickets for a Beethoven Symphony #3 Eroica concert in early February. Next week we’ll be back to a more normal Fort Myers schedule…thank goodness for that.

Don’t know if we’ll have much Fun Stuff© for the next six months…but I’ll try to make sure that I post regularly even if most of what you’ll read is everyday life sort of things…I can’t report on Fun Stuff© that didn’t happen and we’ve mostly done all of the close to Fort Myers stuff already. We did check and the eagles Harriet and her mate M-15 are back in residence at the nest doing what the
eagle cam
web page reports as nestorations…and they’re having to defend the nest against a pair of Great Horned Owls that are apparently trying to drive them off with frequent nighttime harassment operations…I don’t see that working as the eagles are larger and stronger and the nest is way too large for owls anyway. 

Ok…let’s see what photos I have for you today. We did get a few nice ones the last evening in Cedar Key.

RAW from iPhone XS image

IMG 3355 1 Edit

IMG 3351 Edit

Interesting stuff found on the net.

This woulda been better last week before we fell back from Daylight Savings Time.


Be afraid…very afraid.


Here’s a few Marvin ones…he’s the male version of Maxine the cantankerous old lady.






And a couple more military/police service dog ones.

MilitaryServiceDog 00004

MilitaryServiceDog 00005

MilitaryServiceDog 00007




If you still work…try playing B***s*** bingo at your next meeting. Every t time one of these words is mentioned in the meeting cross out that square and when you get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or  diagonally…or a postage stamp which is the adjacent 4 in a single corner…or when you get all 4 corners…you jump up and yell B***s***. Your prize is that you get kicked out of the meeting.




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