And Even More Stupidity Gathered From The News

Yup…mucho stupidity today…and it’s not all even impeachment related…although it is at the top of the list.

No new news to report on the house front…although we did pick out and buy our new waterbed…we’re getting a soft sided one with a pillow top…the industry has seen significant technical progress since our last purchase of one in 1977. Beyond that…we’re just doing the paperwork shuffle and waiting on the lender, title company, and insurance company do their thing.

Holiday wise…we’re ready for Christmas…we will again attend Midnight Mass at 1600 in the afternoon Christmas Eve…hey, that’s the way they do it down here in old folk land…then Connie will go back on Christmas morning for that Mass. Then Neil will cook some lamb chops we got from Yoder’s Meats in Shipshewana Indiana while we were getting our bearing maintenance on the rig. Got a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to go along with it and we’ll have some caramelized sweet potatoes on the side.

As I said before…impeachment is a political and not a legal or judicial process. This was made abundantly clear by the process by which the investigation was managed by the Democratic led House, the refusal to call witnesses as requested by the minority party, and the strict party line vote by which the two articles…neither of which alleges a “high crime or misdemeanor”…were approved. Nonetheless…the process moves on.

Now things move over to the Senate…where unfortunately for the Democrats the Republicans are in the majority and will get to set the rules. Nonetheless…a couple of stupidities from the Democratic side this morning.

Representative Jackie Speier has demanded that Senator McConnell recuse himself because the Senator has stated that this is a political, not a judicial process; and that he is not an impartial juror but rather a partisan member. He has also stated that there won’t be any witnesses called because it’s the House’s job to investigate and the Senate’s job to hold the trial to determine if the House’s investigation supports conviction and/or removal from office. Mr. Speier…well, he’s also threatened a mistrial if the Senator doesn’t do what he wants. Obviously Mr. Speier thinks he has more power than he actually does…which is zero in this circumstance as the Senate gets to now set the rules. It is true that with only a slim majority some Republicans could vote with the Democrats and change the rules…it is hard to determine how likely that is…but members of the House have bupkus to say about it.

Senator Schumer is also demanding that his list of witnesses be called to testify before the Senate…despite the refusal of members of his party ignoring the demands of the minority in the House…sucks to be you Mr. Schumer…but the shoe is on the other proverbial foot now.

In addition…Ms. Pelosi is now saying that she won’t refer the impeachment charges to the Senate for trial until the Senate assures her that it will be fair…or at least fair according to the Democrats demands…good luck with that.

And even more in addition…Democratic leadership are demanding that Chief Justice Roberts…who will oversee  the trial…have a heavy hand and accede to the Democratic demand for witnesses and rules of trial that they want…despite the Chief Justice saying that he will be there to call balls and strikes and will take the same low visibility approach that his predecessor did during the trial of President Clinton. The Chief Justice doesn’t want the Court to be dragged into the political arena…he has stated often that there is separation of powers, that no branch can overrule another branch, and that the duty of the Court is to enforce the Constitution.

It is not the Senate’s job to investigate the President. Their job is to evaluate the investigation produced by the House and vote to acquit or convict based on the evidence and testimony provided by the House. The President wants a long trial with the ability to call witnesses and my guess is he wants to turn the whole thing into an even bigger circus than it already is…but Senator McConnell…correctly in my view…wants to get this completely political process completed as rapidly as possible…and since it is a political process the majority in the Senate has no interest in undermining a President of their own party on what any reasonable person should think of as pretty flimsy evidence and innuendo. When you read the transcripts and think about the whole Ukraine thing in an unbiased manner…what he did was probably in bad taste but is the same thing US Presidents have been doing for decades ever since we became a world power. Governing and foreign policy are a lot like making sausage…it’s ugly but you normally get something good in the end…nobody over said that politics was a pretty game.

Moving on…it’s not just here. Over in the UK there are a couple of things going on.

First…a UK judge ha s ruled that it is legal to fire a worker for saying that transgender women aren’t women. Turns out that there is a woman tax expert over there who was sacked because of her social media posts that stated that gender is biologically determined at conception…that you are either male or female…and that cutting off your willy and taking hormones doesn’t make you a woman. She’s right…men are men and women are women…and you can’t make yourself the other just by saying so any more than you can say you’re a cephalopod and you become a squid. It just don’t work that way. Now I have nothing against men who want to play dress up and pretend they’re women…or vice versa…but please people…putting on panty hose, makeup, and high heals along with a bra full of falsies doesn’t make you a woman…biology makes you a man or woman…period.

However…at least until some common sense judge over in the UK over rules this liberal idiot…who stated in his opinion that the fired woman’s view are “not worth of respect in a democratic society”…and that “she is absolutist in her view of sex”…but then…at least ‘round these parts…that is an absolute of biology.

Then there’s Brexit…two examples of lunacy there today. As you might have heard…the Conservative majority won the recent election over there…by a landslide was how the BBC reported it…and Mr. Johnson has the votes to execute Brexit now so he’s going ahead with it. The losing side…well, they claim that they will “force Brexit to not happen” by voting against it when it comes up for a vote this week…despite the fact that their side has an 80 seat gap in votes in Parliament…don’t they teach basic math over there?

Second example is that the government up in Scotland…which voted against Brexit in the previous referendum and which gave a majority to the Scottish Nationalist Party in the recent election…now their leader is demanding that another referendum be held in Scotland over whether the country should exit the UK, become and independent country, and join the EU. The trouble with that demand is that she has no power…unless the government in London approves another referendum it just can’t legally happen. I guess they don’t teach civics and how the government work over there either.

Back on our side of the pond…in election 2020 news….Senator Warren has now recalibrated her “Medicare for All” plan…ya know, that one that will cost $30+ trillion over 10 years or $3 trillion a year when the current US budget is only $4 trillion…but she will pay for it out of savings and her unconstitutional wealth confiscation…yeah, that Medicare for All Plan. Anyway…now she says that it will be optional for the first 3 years of her first term…and only then become binding…and the this change now constitutes a “choice” for your health plan. Yeah…sort of like Senator Obama during his presidential campaign…”if you like your health care plan you can keep it”.

Saw a headline this morning that says “A US Navy Attack Submarine Mysteriously Exploded in 1968”…it details the loss of the USS Scorpion off of the Azores Islands in the Atlantic. Now despite the headline…if you actually read the article…and I’m not saying anything here that has not already been in the news repeatedly over the decades since…nobody knows why the submarine sank and it certainly did not explode. What happened is that…and the photos of the wreckage are available on the internet…for some unknown reason the submarine descended past its design crush depth and the engineering spaces in the aft end crushed…from the looks of the images on the internet it appears that the failure was on the top of the hull in the vicinity of the rear escape hatch in the engine room and that it sort of crushed forward from there to the reactor compartment. The incident resulted in the detachment of the sail from the rest of the wreck and the detachment of the forward end of the ship from the crushed into pieces engineering spaces. The forward end is relatively intact which means that it did not crush…which most likely means that it was full of water before the ship sank below crush depth…thus preventing it from collapsing. The article speculates…again with zero actual evidence or facts…that it could have suffered a torpedo hot run and explosion inside the ship…or the the battery exploded…or that it was attacked by the Russians…all theories which have been around in the internet since forever and again there’s no real evidence as far as I know. There could be some highly classified report that comes to some conclusions base on some actual evidence…but people, it’s in pieces and I think that only photographs were taken with no recovery of any wreckage…so speculating on what might have happened is just making stuff up. Nonetheless…I guess the headline was designed to get clicks…why can’t people ever write headlines that actually have some semblance to reality…and I really can’t see the point in actually putting this story up there…it was 50 years ago and the SUBSAFE program that was put into place after this and the USS Thresher sinking a few years before resulted in the deployment of much safer submarines in their aftermath. As to the reactor and any spread of radioactivity…it is unlikely as the pressure in the reactor vessel itself is far higher than the pressure it takes to collapse the hull so it would tend to still have all of the fuel inside the reactor vessel. The fuel is formed into plates so it would not be spread out even if the vessel was compromised and even if that happened the dilution factor of a few billion gallons of sea water would render it undetectable…a 100 yard on a side cube contains about 175 million gallons and the wreckage is spread out over a half mile or so. Same with any nuclear weapons that might have been on board…assuming there were they would have survived the implosion intact and they have sufficient safeguards to prevent any accidental activation…and an unexploded nuclear warhead is barely radioactive at all compared to the reactor core after it has been operated anyway…all of the fallout doesn’t happen until after it goes bang.

Next…out in LA back in August…you might recall that an off-duty police officer was attacked in Costco by a man who turned out to be mentally ill. The officer was standing in line to checkout holding his 1-1/2 year old son when he was attacked…he believed his life and his son’s were in danger so he shot the assailant dead. The entire incident took 8 seconds when the video was reviewed…and no charges were filed in the shooting. His parents are now suing the officer and the city for wrongful death and punitive damages…in their lawsuit they claim that they pleaded with the officer that heir son had mental illness before he was shot. Kinda hard to believe they could tell the officer he was nuts and plead not to shoot him…then have the officer shoot him…all in the space of 8 seconds of which at least 2 were used up by the time he was knocked to the floor…but hey, the parents see a payday so I guess they figure that makes this BS lawsuit ok.

Over in the UK…apparently employees spending too much time in the loo as they call it texting or posting to social media. Anyways…a toilet company over there has introduced a new toilet design with a 13 degree slope down from the back of the seat to the front…this supposedly makes it painful to sit on for more than 5 minutes and will reduce the tendency to waste working time texting and influencing…and apparently the internet is all up in arms about this. Seems to me that if companies think this is a problem they can buy the toilets…and a whole bunch of faux outrage over it is just more stupidity.

Speaking of influencers…over in theUK there is apparently one whose name is Lauren Goodger…and no, I never heard of her either…but trust me she’s an influencer…I know because I read it on the internet. Anyway…there was a documentary on BBC Three recently by a comedian in which she was caught on camera agreeing to an endorsement deal (or would that be influencer deal)…anyway, the endorsement was for a weight loss drink from a company named Cyanora…which is a bad pun on Sayonara which is Japanese for goodbye…for a drink that they were told on camera contained hydrogen cyanide. Now I guess that most people with a pulse would know that hydrogen cyanide is the chemical they use in the gas chamber for executions…and even if you don’t know that I would think that most people have heard of and know that cyanide is deadly…it is a common ordinary English word ya know…she admitted that she had never tried it but readily agreed to promote it on her influencer channels anyway. Naturally…the internet exploded over this as well (at least over in the UK) and she says that “the backlash over this video is unfair”. Maybe she can retreat to her safe place and mommy will bring her a lollypop. She’s blaming it all on her agent…typical millennial…can’t possibly be her fault.

That’s about enough stupidity for today I guess…time for…

Interesting things found on the net.

This is a Japanese Long Tailed Chicken…I wonder how it walks around without getting snagged.





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