Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Read The News Again…

The media and liberals have doubled down on stupid. I should really quit pointing out their stupidity I reckon…but with no actual Fun Stuff© to report on…well, ya gotta blog ‘bout sumetin’ know what I mean Vern as Jim Varney used to say.

A bit of news on the house front…we got the receipts for the roof and window repairs on the new house yesterday…and their agent claims that “the fans didn’t work because you couldn’t find the controllers”…that last isn’t actually true as we found all the controllers, several had no batteries in them…but we tried all the unknown controllers on all the fans that didn’t work with a known good battery and neither Neil or the two inspectors could make them work…but it is most likely just bad batteries, we’ll check them on our walkthrough before closing, and if that’s what they want to claim more power to ‘em. Flood and homeowner insurance is in place, survey and elevation certificate have been ordered, appraisal has been ordered and might be done, and we are proceeding along on that front.

On the eagle front…the first egg for Harriet and M15 hatched yesterday and the second should hatch tomorrow or the next day. E14 (first hatched) appears to be doing well so far. I tried to get a screenshot of it…but it’s pretty windy and cold today and M15 is keeping it pretty well covered by his body.

Andrew Yang…ya know the Asian billionaire on the debate stage last night…(a) claimed he was a “person of color” and while if by that definition you mean not white he qualifies…the generally accepted street definition of the term means brown people and excludes white people always, Asians usually, and Native People some of the time…then he claimed that if his “freedom dividend”…a tax free government distribution he has proposed of $1,000 per month to every American over the age of 18…at least he limited it to citizens although in the Peoples Republic of Californiastan they give drivers licenses to anybody with a pulse and call them Americans…anyway…if his freedom dividend had already been in place he claimed that he would not be the only “person of color” on the debate stage because…giving people of color more disposable income will increase their contributions to the political campaigns of people of color…talk about buying votes with public money.

So let’s investigate the economics of the freedom dividend and see how much it costs…and where the money will come from. The US population is 308 million as of the 2010 census with an estimated 330 million as of December 2019…and the percentage of the population under 18 is 25% as of the 2010 census. So…and I realize that liberals have a problem with math so I’ll spell it out for ya…$1,000 per month times 12 months times 330 million times 75% over the age of 18 is 2.97 times 10 to the 12th power dollars…that’s 2.9 million million dollars or $2.9 trillion dollars…per year. Now let’s take a look at the US budget…the 2019 federal revenue will be $3.44 trillion…the government operates at a deficit…known as spending more money than you have…that will be $1 trillion for 2019 making the federal outlet $4.44 trillions this plan alone will increase the federal outlay by about 60%…and unless it’s paid for it will quadruple the current deficit. Further…he supports Ms. Warren’s Medicare for All Plan which will cost at least $20 trillion over 10 years by her estimate but $32 trillion by most estimates done by people not named Warren, Sanders, or Yang…so that’s another $3.2 trillion per year added to federal outlays…so essentially these two programs alone will over double the federal outlay and bankrupt the country…and that’s before we add in cancelling student debt, free college, free daycare, rebuilding every building in the country to meet the Green New Deal standards, replacing all of the coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants that we also need to do, replacing the entire freeway system throughout the country, and all the other grandiose spending plans Mr. Yang and his fellow spenders have in mind.

So where’s the money going to come from? Ms. Warren says it will come from her wealth tax…which in the first place is unconstitutional according to most scholars who aren’t liberals and would clearly be considered so by our strict constructionist Supreme Court…but even she admits that it will only take in $2.75 trillion over 10 years and that’s an overestimate compared the estimates of anybody not named Warren. She also claims that Medicare for All will be financed by “savings” in the medical field…as if one can magically legislate that drug testing and development be cost free, doctors accept a massive pay cut, hospitals don’t need to make a profit to stay in business, and the scientific breakthroughs can be mandated. And that doesn’t even take into account that administering this wealth tax is (a) impossible and (b) the government couldn’t possibly do it anyway. At this point they can’t even efficiently collect all the income tax that is owed…can you imagine the bureaucracy needed to figure out how much every billionaire was worth…every year. Let’s take your typical billionaire…say Bill Gates for instance. He’s got some Microsoft stock that you can figure out the value of…but how about his private partnership venture capital companies, his yachts, planes, and homes…how much are all they worth? Can’t know unless you sold all of that stuff. Same with art, jewelry, antiques, and anything else of intrinsic value…it’s only worth what you can sell it for and you only know that if you sell it? Is  that 1926 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow worth more today than it was last year because it’s more rare or less because it’s older by a year? It is simply not possible to actually figure out what a “billionaire” is worth.

On the impeachment front…after the rush to judgement in the House to get a vote on record before Christmas…Democrats are now saying they are’t going to forward the article to the Senate until the Senate agrees to their demands on how the trial will be conducted…this idiotic idea was originated by a Harvard law professor and he thinks…as well as Ms. Pelosi it appears…that this gives Democrats “leverage” over Senator McConnell on setting the rules for the Senate trial. Mr. McConnell has already said that the job of the House is to investigate and the job of the Senate is not to investigate but to evaluate the investigation produced by the House. Thus…he plans to call no witnesses but allow the House Impeachment Managers (essentially the prosecutors) to present their evidence, followed by the defense presenting their case, followed by a vote on acquittal/conviction. Democrats in both the House and Senate are demanding additional witnesses beyond those called by the House…which likely ain’t happening.

So…after the House conducted investigation…during which they clearly displayed partisan behavior through ignoring Republican requests for witnesses…came up with their 2 articles…neither of which alleges an actual crime…but now they don’t think they have a strong enough case to convict…so they’re demanding that the Senate…who has the “sole power to try impeachments” do things the way the House wants them to do it. Seems to me that separation of powers means that will never happen. Sure…the President used Executive Privilege to prevent aides from testifying to Congress…but Executive Privilege is well established in the Constitution and both Presidents Obama and Clinton used it to prevent aides from testifying. Heck…Mr. Mueller’s investigation…no matter whether you think it was fair, biased, a hoax, orchestrated by Never Trump-ers in the FBI or not…at least Mr. Mueller alleged in his report that there were 10 instances where he could have charged the President with Obstruction of Justice…which is an actual crime…but for long standing Justice Department rules that prevented charging a sitting President…and he actually invited Congress to further investigate. Whether Mr. Mueller had sufficient evidence to prove guilt in court beyond a reasonable doubt is unknown…but he could have gotten an indictment but for that sitting President rule…but then any good District Attorney can get an indictment on a ham sandwich as lawyers say.

Unfortunately…charging the President with an actual crime would have required an actual investigation to determine facts and not one that brought in witnesses to repeat talking points and sound bites about vague “abuse of office” and the like. But again…impeachment is never a legal thing…it is purely a political thing. Mr. McConnell and the President are correct in saying that if this impeachment stands then every future President will be subject to being impeached if the House is of the opposite party…because “abuse of office” is a nebulous thing.

Looking at the actual facts…at least as well as they are publicly known…about the Ukraine case…the President asked for an investigation, not an outcome…into potential corruption by American citizens. That is well within his power as the head of the Executive Department and the person who controls US foreign policy. He did not…so far as we know…threaten to withhold military aid, ask for a particular outcome, or deny a meeting with the Ukranian president until the investigation was complete. He did not withhold the military aid beyond the statutory time limit in the congressional appropriation law that provided the aid. However…as President’s have been doing ever since we sent Marines to the Shores of Tripoli…he was using the world position of the US as the biggest guy on the block to achieve foreign policy as he saw fit…in my opinion he should have asked for an investigation into Burisma (the oil company there) and not mentioned either Biden…but then he’s a businessman and not really a politician so doesn’t understand how to use all the diplomatic niceties to get his way. While I have no complete facts about either this incident or the one involving Vice President Biden…my understanding of the facts is that Mr. Biden asked the former Ukranian President to fire the prosecutor who was previously investigating Burisma…who paid a completely unqualified Hunter Biden $50K a a month to serve on its board despite no experience in the oil industry…and that military aid to Ukraine didn’t get released by President Obama until after that prosecutor was dismissed. If…and it’s a big if…President Trump is guilty of using his office for personal gain…then by that measure so was Vice President Biden…and by extension his President.

Again though…this is all political and an attempt to redo the 2016 election…and to hopefully on Democrats part to convince voters to come over to their side next year. Unfortunately…all of the candidates that are running are so far to the left and are spouting so many socialist policies and confiscatory financial policies that it’s unlikely any of them can win a national election. They’ll carry California and New York…but most states are primarily filled with middle of the road voters who will see through their impossible promises.

I really fail to see how Ms. Pelosi’s sitting on the articles puts any pressure at all on the Senate…in fact one of her leadership folks…Representative Clyburn of South Carolina…admitted today that they might never forward the articles to the Senate. So much for incontrovertible proof of malfeasance.

The President…well, he wants his day in court…and he also wants lots of witnesses called so his defense team can summon both Bidens, Mr. Schiff and Nadler from the House, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Comey, and who knows who else to create another public spectacle…but I don’t think that Mr. McConnell will allow that. He doesn’t particularly want to have a trial at all…and if he does he wants it low key…hence his insistence on no witnesses and allowing the House managers to present the results of their “investigation”…which the President’s team will then get to counter albeit with less of a spectacle. It would not surprise me if most of the trial sessions were closed to the public and press…which is well within the Senate rules…but if invoked the Democrats will scream bloody murder since they won’t get their sound bite for the 6 o’clock news.

I saw the other day a claim from Rashida Talib…ya know, the “we’ll impeach the m*****f***er; such a well spoken, civil, and courteous freshman Congresswoman”…anyway it turns out that the shooting in the Jersey City NJ Jewish deli a week or so back was conducted by a pair of “black nationalists” who were members of the Black Hebrew Israelites…a generally accepted black power group like BLM and the Louis Farrakhan’s group. Anyway…despite a couple of black nationalists shooting up a Jewish deli which makes little to no sense to me…Ms. Talib claims that the attack was the result of “white supremacists”. Joy Behar on “The View”…that bastion of amicable political debate…echoed the same bias when she said that “white nationalists have been let out of their holes”. Black Hebrew Israelites by the way…well, they believe that all black people are direct descendants of the original Israelites. Seems that they’re of the wrong racial makeup as those Israelites were mostly Arab or similar coloring…but what do I know…that’s what they claim. I’m not sure how it can be white people’s fault when it was black people…er, excuse me people of color…that engaged in the shootout…but mebbe that’s just me.

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