Can Anybody ‘Splain This To Me?……or Quarantine Day 137

As we sit here on quarantine day 137…well we didn’t sit here the whole time as yesterday when Connie had an appointment down at Radiology Regional for an ultrasound and we stopped by Walmart on the way home. We needed some produce and letting the folks at the store pick it out for you doesn’t work really well…and we had run by the Winn Dixie on Sunday morning and it was pretty well picked over so we stopped at Walmart. We also got some food stuffs for our Elks lodge veterans donations group…so this morning we ran down to drop it off as well as pick us up a sandwich from Subway for lunch.

That’s about it though…we’re tired of quarantine and corona.

Anyways…mebbe perhaps one of ya’s an ‘splain if there’s a good reason for the following stories.

First up…you may have read about
this story
on whatever news you read…it details…at least according to the headline…an egregious “snatching women into unmarked vans” in NYC.

Now…ya know…I can understand that the person who took the original video might not have been easily able to determine any actual facts…but if they were part of the lefty anti police and pro peaceful protesting crowd then I can see how they would immediately put their video of the “kidnapping” out on the web so that it could go viral. (Side note on viral…you always see how whatever the outrage of the day is has ‘gone viral’ with no real explanation about what that means…it used to mean that something was actually interesting  and worth sharing but these days it seems like if it is anti-police then by definition it will go viral no matter what.)

Anyway…immediately the WAMM jumped all over this “snatching”. According to AOC…”This is not a drill…our civil liberties are on the brink” and Congressman Nadler demanded an “immediate explanation for this anonymous use of force.” and “This video — of a protester in New York City being thrown in an unmarked van — is terrifying and should be unacceptable to everyone who respects the constitutional rights this country was founded on,”

Unfortunately…neither of the congresspeople bothered to even give the pretense of obtaining any actual facts before they went off on their twitter tantrums…but hey, whatever it takes to incite their supporters I guess.

What actually happened was that the woman in question had been previously observed and identifying as damaging 5 city owned security cameras in/around City Hall Park. With evidence that crimes had been committed and identification of the perp…the judge signed off on and issued a warrant for her arrest. Now in NYC…warrants aren’t generally acted on by uniformed officers…warrants get passed along to the warrant squad who…routinely for years…has been a plain clothes unit with unmarked vehicles for a simple reason…that reason being that folks with a warrant will generally try to flee and avoid arrest so warrant arrests are conducted in a manner to prevent foot chases and possible gunfights from fleeing criminals who don’t want to be arrested. In addition…especially in recent times when police are likely to be attacked for doing their jobs…uniformed officers show up as well to provide security.

So the normally plain clothes warrant squad using their normal unmarked vehicles located a criminal for whom they had a warrant…so golly gee…being the warrant squad they proceeded to arrest her…not kidnapping, not snatching…but arresting. I’m sure she was read her Miranda rights as soon as they had her restrained and in custody…and police are not required to provide WAMM members with justification for doing their jobs.

The article goes on to state that the officers were attacked with rocks and bottles…so I guess it was a good thing they had some extra security to prevent another riot.

So…nothing to see here…just the police doing their jobs and arresting wanted criminals.

As I said…I can see why a card carrying WAMM member with his iPhone might immediately put his “snatching” video on the Internet so as to (a) get their 15 seconds of fame and (b) show the world how the jack booted thugs are snatching innocent protesters off of the street..

What I don’t get is that the morons we’ve elected to Congress don’t bother getting any facts before whipping up more outrage…but wait…I do get it because whipping up outrage is their number one purpose in life.

OK…second story…and if you thought the one above was bad…as Darth Vader would say…”The Stupid is strong in this one Luke”.

As you can read
…the august medical publication “Journal of Vascular Surgery” published in late 2019 the results of a study conducted by eight or so researchers including one woman that was conducted from 2015-2018. The study title…”Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons”.

In this study…the authors deplore the fact that *female*…yes, only females are guilty of this egregious faux pas…fellows and residents have demonstrated a lack of respect for professional reputations of vascular surgeons by the publication of “unprofessional social media content”.

Now I realize that stuff you put on social media might live on the interwebs for a long time…and you might regret it (but then you might not)…but in the current environment of mandated PC behavior by the WAMM…it has been determined that these female doctors have posted unprofessional social content…specifically they appeared in images of themselves at the beach dressed in…and you might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this…bikinis.

Yep…women who in their off duty time go to the beach and wear your standard 2 piece bathing suit like 90% of all the women at the beach…and who put pictures of themselves so scantily dressed on their social media…they’re unprofessional. Funny how men who might do the same and have pictures of themselves in Speedo suits or board shorts with bare chests aren’t presenting unprofessional social media content.

So yes…shocking news here. Almost half of young vascular surgeons have social media accounts…and 61% of those (but only females) have unprofessional content by posting images of themselves in a bathing suit.

Now me…I’m quite happy for my female doctor…assuming I had any female doctors…wearing a swimming suit…frankly I’m much more concerned with their actual professional qualifications and ability to…ya know…doctor me…rather than what they wear at the beach.

Where the Stupid really gets going though is twofold. First up…that a group of men with a token woman would think in the years 2015-2018 that conducting a study to determine if women in their profession wore bathing suits to the beach would be acceptable in these sexually enlightened times…I don’t know who figured this was a good idea but it clearly isn’t…especially when you specifically point out women but not men in your study. Second…that any medical journal in 2019 would even consider actually publishing this drivel makes no sense at all…what were they thinking?

The best response to the article was a tweet from a female Emergency Medicine Physician who posted an image of herself standing there in a bikini (and not even a very revealing one at that) as well as another one of her doing her emergency medicine thing on a beach along with the following text…”Dr Bikini 👙will save your life in the middle of the Ocean when you get hit by a boat. I will take you out of the ocean on a surfboard turned into a backboard, tie off your exsanguinating wound with my rash guard, take you to my under equipped urgent care, stabilize you in 1 hour with an IV, oxygen, morphine, fluids, and put your open femur fracture in Bucks traction, fly you by helicopter to a local hospital, order and interpret all the labs, X-rays, CT scans, suture/staple all your wounds, splint your clavicle/ humerus and scapula fractures, sedate you, put a chest tube in your 5 rib fractured pneumothorax and fly you by jet to a specialty hospital in another country….all in my you guessed it 👙”.

I keep asking myself “what were they thinking”…and the answer comes to me…they weren’t.

Both Connie and Neil keep getting political spam from both sides of the aisle…despite the fact that we have never donated money to any political candidate. Connie did make the mistake of getting herself on one of the national party mailing lists years and years ago…but Neil always just trashes those emails unread. Unfortunately…he’s yet to figure out how to Junk filter some of them…they come from the same domain which he’s blocked but apparently they use a mailing service to send them out…he tried blocking the mailing service domain as well to no avail. He’s got a mail rule that gets rid of some of them…but it only works on his laptop as the mail clients on most mobile devices don’t do mail rules. Our mail provider has pretty decent blocking but these keep getting through despite our best efforts. So…if anybody knows how to actually efficiently block this crap let m know so he can institute it on our accounts.

It looks like the Potential Tropical Storm Nine…yep, that’s what they’re currently calling it…will pass on up the east coast of Florida on Sunday and we’ll only get a bit of rain and wind here on the Gulf Coast. However…it will likely prevent the scheduled Sunday return of the SpaceX Dragon manned capsule from the ISS as all 7 of their ocean landing sites are either in the Atlantic Ocean off of Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico off the panhandle. No worries though…although they’ve been aloft for 60something days…they are good for up to 120 so a delay of a day or three won’t really make any difference.

Also in the space news today…the last of 3 missions to Mars launched successfully this morning before the least time to Mars launch window closes next month. Missions were launched by China, Japan for the UAE, and the US one launched and executed the Mars transition engine burns today so all 3 are on the way. All 3 are scheduled for landers…but only 50% of all the landing attempts have succeeded so it will be pretty amazing if all 3 actually get there and land in one piece.

The US mission includes some capsules that will be filled with Mars dirt samples for…supposedly…pickup by an as yet unplanned, unfunded, and unknown technical capability mission to retrieve them in the late 2020s. Yeah…right.

Ms. Pelosi has issued new rules…masks are required in Congress or else you’ll get booted out of the chamber. She didn’t specify whether that was permanently or just until you put on your mask.

Speaking of masks…I’m really getting tired of hearing about them. I’ll agree that they provide some protection against transmission of the virus from you to other people and a lesser amount of protection protecting you from other infected people…but Ima getting tired of hearing about it, reading about it, and seeing the same debates over it. At this point…everybody has their mind made up about masks, whether they work or not, and whether they will wear them or not…and every business has either established or not established a requirement for them…and those that have a requirement are either enforcing it or not. The important thing though…is that everybody has their minds made up and no minds will be changed by the endless arguments…so why can’t either extreme just leave it alone and argue about something else.

Remember back when Justice Kavanaugh was having his confirmation hearings…and one of the many things the WAMM had their panties in a twist over was the fact that he would “overturn Roe v. Wade” and would “always support the President”? Yeah…I remember those too. So in the past couple of weeks he tried to get his fellow justices to take the middle ground on the LA abortion law that said doctors performing abortions had to have admitting privileges at a local hospital for any complications requiring a hospital. He wanted to send it back to the trial court for further determinations on how much the requirement would actually affect things…you know, sort of let’s figure out if this is really a problem? He was also in the majority that held that the state court in NY could have access to the President’s tax returns. So…so much for the claim that he would vote as a lockstep conservative I guess.

Speaking of SCOTUS…I really hope that Justice Ginsberg with her most recent cancer bout lasts at least until next year…I can only imagine the outrage if she were to die and the President and Senate voted in another justice in her place either before the election or before Inauguration Day.

OK…interesting things found on the net.








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