Return With Us Now To Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Those of you who are of a vintage similar to Neil and Connie will recognize those famous words…spoken by the less than famous Fred Roy to open a popular television show back in the day.

Quick…what show was it and who were the characters? Answers below for those off you who need to think on it…but no googling…ya either know the right answer or ya don’t.

Anyways…let’s go back and see what our intrepid heroes Neil and Connie…along with myself and Kara o’course…were doing half a decade back…yeah, time flies when you’re having fun.

So…five years ago this week we were in Palmer, Glenallen, and Valdez AK on our caravan up to the northland…so I broke out a couple of images for ya from back then instead of just randomly selecting a variety of images.

At that point…we were about halfway through our trip…we had finished the trek up the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks through AB, BC, and YK in Canuckistan and were back in Alaska. We were meandering southward toward Valdez and had a couple of short stops that week between Seward and Valdez.

Palmer turned out to be pretty nice…but Glenallen was just an overnight stop and it was just about the worst campground we were in during our entire 8 years on the road. Granted…there were only two campgrounds available in Glenallen…but the one we were in musta been cheap…or else the owner had a picture of our caravan owner with a goat or some other blackmail material…because Tolsona Wilderness Park was…to put it mildly…well, dump is the word that comes to mind. It was terrible even by Alaska standards. There was this narrow wooden bridge you had to make a turn onto to get from the campground entrance to the sites an it might have been 2 feet wider than our 8.5 foot wide RV. Then you got in and discovered that your pull through was actually a pull in and back out the next morning sort of site since pulling through with anything longer than a 15 foot trailer would have been impossible. Then…when trying to leave the next morning…one discovered that the right turn back onto the aforementioned narrow bridge was an even sharper turn and you had to back and jack the rig around to get it lined up with the bridge so’s ya didn’t end up in the creek. Terrible I tell ya.

The show I referred to above…why The Lone Ranger of course with the Lone Ranger himself, his loyal friend Tonto and their mounts Silver and Scout. Ya know…”who was that masked man? I dunno but he give me this while holding up a silver bullet”.

After our overnight in Glenallen we continued on to Valdez, here are a few images from around Palmer and the 2 day transit down to Valdez.

In Palmer…we had a visit to the Musk Ox farm…they cut their horns off so as to prevent damage when they tussle with each other over da ladies.

D71 5948

Scenes along the Matanuska River which runs through Palmer…from the first one ya probably think the color of the water is from the backlit reflection on the surface…but as you can see in the second one behind the ubiquitous fireweed that is everywhere in AK…the color is really gray from all the glacial silt running down the river.

D71 6014

DSC 1038

D71 6020

This is 12,010 foot Mount Drum in the Saint Elias/Wrangell range…about 45 miles away as we departed Glenallen and headed south down the Valdez-Tok highway.

D71 6060 Edit

Nothing new going on ‘round Long Pond Road…we’re jus’ quarantining away. We did get a couple photos of this woodpecker we keep seeing out by the lanai…Connie thinks it is a juvenile Red Cockaded and Neil thinks it’s a juvenile Red Bellied. Both have the ladder back pattern feather but Neil thinks his evaluation is better because it doesn’t have the white cheek that a Red Cockaded has, the Red Bellied is a bit longer and skinnier in body shape, and because we’re really south of the range that the Red Cockaded is in…although only 30 miles or so, so it could be one of those. In either event…it appears to be a juvenile in the middle of getting adult plumage. Actually…the one that Neil thinks it most resembles looking at Petersons is the Gila but those definitely aren’t here as it is a western species. Neither of the photos below is as clear as we would like…but he had to take them through the screen on the lanai to prevent scaring it off and was backlit in the tree so getting a really great shot wasn’t in the cards.

D75 5999

D75 6001

We also spotted Lagatha the gator out back in the pond the other day for the first time in a month or so…she was up on the bank across the other side for a few…but it’s been so hot that mostly I think they’re hanging out in the water to keep cool or down at the south end of the pond where there is some shade.

Let’s see what’s in the news today.

I talked a couple posts back about the pro-police group that wants to put up a Blue Lives Matter mural on the street in NYC and wrote a letter to the city asking for permission…it’s been almost 3 weeks with no response from him so far. In a similar case…out in Tulsa OK located in the part of the state that a recent SCOTUS decision decreed was legally Indian territory…anyway they decided to remove their BLM mural on the street rather than allow a Blue Lives Matter one as well…although they justified it by claiming that only safety markings should be painted on the street and not political statements…but then they didn’t ‘splain why the original one was approved in the first place…but hey…hypocrites I guess.

Apparently out in Louisville KY the BLM movement has taken up some of the tactics previously used by the Mafia…er, organized crime I mean…to influence businesses to pay them protection money. Apparently they are demanding a whole bunch of things in order to ensure that your business doesn’t receive a failing grade of F and suffer the consequences.

Among the demands…23% of all staff must be BIPOC (black and indigenous persons of color) so I guess you have to either fire your current workers or hire more that you don’t really need…23% of your supplies must come from BIPOC vendors so again you have to change to another vendor not of your choice for your supplies…you must donate 1.5% of your total revenue (not profit, revenue) to an approved list of BIPOC charities…and you must institute a dress code that doesn’t discriminate against BIPOC (I guess that means you can’ require them to pull their pants up any more).

Failure to adhere to these demands…well there’s a list there as well…you will get reported to the BBB for being biased…cancelled via social media…boycotted…protested in front of your business…and something called Invasive Reclamation which means they will setup booths and tables outside your establishment where BLM approved BIPOC people will offer for sale the same items you offer. 

Several businesses report having been vandalized because they declined to meet these demand and were forced to close because their employees were afraid to come to work. Now frankly it probably isn’t quite as bad as I made it sound above since…like all media these days…it offers only a single take on selected facts rather than being unbiased reporting…but I did find several similar stories on the web.

So now…I see that the postal unions and Ms. Pelosi are all upset over the lack of overtime at the USPS due to…not having enough money because of not being allowed to set the postal rates so as to cover their costs for workers and being forced to pre-fund 75 years worth of their pension obligations by Congress. Anyway…the new Postmaster General has eliminated overtime…which might mean that some of your mail won’t be delivered until tomorrow instead of today and…at least according to the postal union head and Ms. Pelosi…is an unconscionable effort by Republicans to suppress voting during the pandemic. Seeing as how each state has their own requirement for when a mail in ballot must be postmarked in order to be valid…I really don’t see how a day delay is surpassing the vote. In addition…I think it is very likely the they will allow sufficient overtime on Election Day to ensure that all received ballots are picked up and taken to the post office so that they can be postmarked on Election Day and thus meet the requirements of the law. My guess is that with the demands that “every vote count” some governors will take it upon themselves to eliminate the legal postmarking requirement…there is already a lawsuit going on in NY over that very thing…the governor had each mail in primary ballot that went out include a postage paid return envelope…which then according to longstanding USPS policy does not get postmarked…which then invalidated under the law a great number of said mail in ballots…which then turned into a lawsuit because the election board…ummm…followed the law.

I’m not sure what I think about this whole mail in ballot thing…it isn’t the same as absentee voting since those must be applied for…in mail in balloting the state mails out a ballot to every person on the voting rolls…and I suppose they have some mechanism in place to prevent both mail in and voting in person. However…even with the more stringent requirement for absentee balloting…back in the day when we lived in VA Neil and Connie got absentee ballots from FL because FL didn’t know we had registered to vote in VA by then…so they could have easily voted in both states if they wanted to. I understand the issue with distancing and standing in line during epidemics…but if crowding into the church with no regard for separation for John Lewis recent funeral is just fine…I’m not sure how that’s any different than standing in line at the polling place. Connie and Neil will go vote in person…it’s just in the Heron’s Glen subdivision immediately north of Magnolia Landing and was not a problem the last time we voted…we just masked and distanced as required.

I see where the #3 Democrat in Congress…Representative Clyburn…says that the President will not leave the White House willingly if he loses the election and will have to be escorted out by law enforcement. Now the President has already said he will leave on schedule…and there’s no evidence that he won’t…but Mr. Clyburn and the rest of the WAMM aren’t letting the facts get in their way. They’re also claiming that he is trying to postpone the election…which he can’t do and everybody knows that…and that if there is no winner in the election by Jan 3 (which is quite possible due to the vast confusion the aforementioned mail in ballots will cause) that Ms. Pelosi will become President on Jan 20.

There’s also going to be a court case next year over the apportionment of congressional seats among the states…the President issued an order last week that basically said that while all people are to be counted in the census currently underway…that only citizens are to be considered in the apportionment of congressional states and not illegal immigrants.

I know the left is all up in arms about both of these…and having reviewed several different viewpoints and read what the words in the Constitution say…I think that overall the preponderance of the evidence is in favor of the President being able to make that determination and that Ms. Pelosi won’t be the President on Jan 20. It all comes down…again…to strict vs loose interpretation of the Constitution along with the writings of the time by the guys that actually wrote the Constitution and the generally accepted meaning at the time of the words they wrote. Time will tell I guess…my personal opinion is that the President will leave the White House as scheduled if he doesn’t win the election and that the courts will eventually come down on the side of representatives are apportioned according to the number of citizens in a state and not the number of people living in the state…but since I’m not a constitutional scholar that’s jus’ my opinion.

Interesting things found on the net.

Justin Stuller…well he’s
quite an unlucky guy
. He is an experienced scuba diver…according to the article…who back in the past was once bitten on the leg by an alligator…then last week he was down in the Keys fishing for spiny lobster when he was bitten by…you guessed it…an 8 foot lemon shark.

Meanwhile…up in Maine…a local resident was in the ocean 30 feet from the beach when she was attacked and killed by a Great White Shark…da dum…da dum…ya know. Actually attacked is…like it almost always is…a misnomer. What sharks are really doing is checking to see if you’re good for lunch and typically they test with their teeth and then almost always let the human go as…you’re really not their preferred lunch. That doesn’t sound like an attack…it sounds like a shark doing what sharks do. Witnesses reported it was about 12 feet long and it was identified by a tooth that was left behind in her body. I guess they “need a bigger boat”.

Over in Australia…a woman is in the hospital after being injured by a humpback whale. She was on one of those whale watching diving trips and got herself in between two of the beasties and sort of got smushed in between them. She is in the hospital in serious but stable condition with some broken ribs and internal bleeding.






This is my fave of the bunch…so very true.



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