Looks Like I Wuz Right

The Presidential election is a lot closer than we thought. Here’s what we know so far.

The President did way better than any of the state by state polls said.

He won Florida which was supposed to be a Biden win…essentially on the votes of Hispanics and people of color in the eastern population centers according to the news.

The polls were BEP.

There was no Blue Wave…looks like the Republicans will hold the Senate at this point…in the remaining uncalled Senate races the Republican candidate is ahead in all 4…including one with a Democratic incumbent. In the last remaining Senate race…in the open primary in GA the Democrat candidate came in first with 32% and the two Republican candidates have 26% and 20%…the Democrat and the 26% Republican (Senator Loeffler) advance to a runoff in early January. Presumably the 20% that voted for the second Republican candidate (Doug Collins) will vote for Loeffler…so she will likely be favored in the runoff.

Both Presidential candidates have viable paths through the remaining half dozen states to get the 270 EC votes necessary.

The popular vote…simply doesn’t matter…it is…I think irrelevant is the word I’m looking for. Talking about it is…as I said before…saying the Yankees won the 1960 World Series because they scored more total runs than the Pittsburgh Pirates did. Unfortunately…total runs ain’t the way it works…you need to win 4 games and the Pirates won the series 4 games to 3. If progressives don’t like the Electoral College…go ahead and follow the deliberately difficult path to amend the Constitution and change it. The likelihood of that amendment ever getting the 38 states it needs for ratification is pretty low as all of the fly over states in the middle of the country populated by chumps (as Mr. Biden said last weekend) who are clinging to their religion and guns (as Ms. Clinton said 4 years back) are extremely unlikely to agree to give up any voice in Presidential elections. If the popular vote people get their way…the President will be elected by CA, NY, OH, FL, and TX…none of the other states will ever see a campaign stop again. Of course…there’s the 2/3 requirement of either all the states (only 34) or 2/3 of both houses of Congress (67 Senators and 291 Representatives)…either of those is just about as difficult. Yes…I know progressives want to abolish the EC and use popular vote…but unless you can convince a significant majority of the country that the Constitution needs amending it isn’t supposed to happen…this prevents wacko ideas from either side from making it into the Constitution.

And naturally…there are a whole slew of suits and threats of same, requests for recount and other political BEP…along with a great deal of outrage by the WAMM and media.

In the “What were they thinking?” vein.

Ms. Pelosi
said today
that Amy Comey Barrett is “The president is installing an illegitimate Supreme Court justice just one week before the election.”

Out in Oregon…the
liberal morons decriminalized
 *all*drug possession offenses…so yes, now if you’re caught with heroin, cocaine, meth or any other illegal drug you just get a $100 traffic ticket and fine.

And Joy Reid at MSNBC…yes, the same Joy Reid that has made
homophobic remarks
in the past and then claimed that her account was hacked…and yes, the same Joy Reid that said
9/11 was a hoax
…the same Joy Reid that routinely gets away with unacceptable behavior and statements and is amazingly enough still employed…liberalism is better armor than Iron Man…well, she’s at it again.

Today…she labeled Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas as “
Uncle Clarence
”…a clear reference to the racist Uncle Tom character from the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel…and said that it is clear that “Uncle Clarence and Amy Comey Barrett to actually follow the letter of the law?” Actually…I do expect them to do that and rule according to what the Constitution says. 

I can’t find the link again…but one of the WNBA basketball players paid the bail for a person of color who was arrested yesterday for vandalism of a reelection campaign sign for the President. The woman in question was grinning in the photo as she was arrested but the WNBA player paid her bail because I am a black bisexual woman…I understand her pain…and she had every right to destroy that sign.

What are these people thinking?

Nothing new on the home front since yesterday…we’re going down to the Elks Lodge tonight for the meeting and District Deputy visit…one of those show the flag sort of things.


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