We’re Officially Out Of The RV Business

The title says it all. After selling our rig last month we’ve still been looking to move Big Red along to his new owners. Neil had emailed Tom Martin up at Classy Chassis to see if he was interested in it…he was and a day or two later we had an offer and 3 days later (yesterday…Sunday)…he flew in and picked it up.

We picked him up from the airport and went out to the cell phone waiting lot, did the paperwork, swapped the keys for a check and headed home in our newly single vehicle state. He drove over to the gas station at the waiting area to sanitize the interior…with the covid that makes perfect sense for him even though we’ve all recovered from it and were nowhere near Big Red while we were infectious.

He only paid wholesale…since he’s going to resell it and needs to make a profit…but buyers have been few and far between down here for used 5th wheel tow vehicles so Connie and Neil decided to go that route and not worry about it. Now we need to buy a second car for ourselves…Neil has a few picked out and we’ll check them out in the next week or so.

Here are a couple shots of Tom and us during the turnover…the past 3 days have been the coldest of the season so far and it was only in the mid 50s when we met at 2000…so we were all bundled up for the weather. Tom stayed overnight with some family up north of Tampa before heading back to Indiana.

IMG 3729

IMG 3728

Other than that…same-o same-o down here. The Elks Lodge did open back up last week so we went down for tacos and Show Me The Money…it’s Bingo for Dummies or Bingo for people with a short attention span…the games go much quicker than bingo and you don’t need as many players to make money for the lodge. 

Neil took down the outside holiday decorations over the weekend…they got rules ‘bout that sort of thing here in the HoA…and Connie will do the tree this afternoon. 

Let’s see…we did get the rest of the office setup over the holidays…Neil went through his old computer bins of parts, software, and such and tossed 3 huge garbage bags of things that weren’t worth keeping and software that won’t run on any computer he still has. He went from 3.5 bins down to about 1/3 of one so that’s a good thing.

On to the news…

I reckon you saw the news about the ruckus up in DC last week…and do have a few things to say on it.

First off…the majority of the blame for the riot belongs to the President with his continued insistence that he won the election and that it was stolen from him…despite the complete lack of evidence and numerous recounts and court cases affirming the lack of evidence he keeps on with his me, me, me attitude. I don’t know if he really believes his advisors who tell him he won and got cheated…or if they’re lying to him…or if he’s just too egotistical to accept that he lost so somebody else must be at fault…but his rally and speech gets pretty close to inciting a riot. I don’t know what will happen over that…I’m sure that a Democrat administration can indict him for the crime but there are problems with having a trial…first off finding an impartial jury about the case is absolutely impossible…and anybody that claims they’re unbiased is either lying or in a seriously small minority…and lastly if you read his actual words and parse exactly what he said…assuming you could have found the impossible unbiased jury a good lawyer can generate reasonable doubt. The other alternatives are either impeaching him or just letting the term expire…impeachment has the advantage that if he was convicted he would be barred from running for reelection and perhaps the Republican Party can get back to what most of it’s members want instead of the far right wing bS that he has inspired.

However…some portion of the blame falls to the other side…not specifically inciting the riot part…but they’re definitely culpable (as are the Republicans) for the current political climate. The Ds never accepted Mrs. Clinton’s loss in 2016 and have been going on about “he’s not my President”, trying to impeach him since the day after the election in 2016, and filing suits over every executive order the man signed…not to mention calling him a liar, sexual predator, Putin’s puppet, and every other nasty vile thing they can think of. They never gave him the respect that the President deserves from the opposition…you have to at least respect the office and thus the office holder even if you disagree with him.

I think a lot of heads need to roll over the ill preparedness of the Capitol Police, DC Police, the National Guard, the Army who declined to immediately activate the Guard when asked, Congressional staff, and anybody involved with security. After all of the BS the man has spouted since the election and the incessant roar from his supporters about “stopping the steal” and so on…a complete moron would have figured out that the probability of an incident during the EC vote counting was pretty darned high. I understand that they didn’t want a line of soldiers with weapons and uniforms across the Capitol steps…but not having the Guard activated, in garrison and ready to roll out if needed…and not having the riot squad mustered, kitted up, armed, and stealthily brought into the Capitol basement just in case borders on criminal negligence to me…how freaking stupid can they be?

I guess just about as freaking stupid as the idiots…legislators, off duty police (apparently), far right wing people, and some military members (both active and retired) who invaded the building and let themselves have pictures taken…luckily most of the idiots have been identified and arrested.

Me…it’s a good thing for the rioters that Neil wasn’t in charge of security…because he would have had the riot squad ready and once the first window was broken and the first individual invaded the building he would have had the riot terminated with prejudice as they say. At that point…lethal force is perfectly justified in his opinion…and security would only have had to shoot the first few invaders before the rest of them turned tail and ran. I hate to say that they needed killin’…but they needed killin’.

On the other hand…he would have put down the protests in Portland, Seattle, et. al., just as definitively.

His internet buddy Pete from Alaska wondered on his blog why there was non stop media coverage, declarations of domestic terrorism and such while nothing similar happened during the peaceful protests out in Portland, Seattle, et. al.…his observation was that it depended on who was rioting. That’s about 110% correct in our view…and it’s a sad state of affairs.

Of course…our elected officials are all taking political advantage of the situation…not to mention demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of how the government is supposed to work.

Pelosi…well first off she took it upon herself to call the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to demand that he make sure that no orders from the President to start military action or use nuclear weapons be carried out. However…she is completely wrong on that one for many reasons. First off…the chairman of the JCS is not in the operational chain of command and has no authority to direct what the heads of the various armed services do. Second…we have civilian control of the military in this country…and the President is the Commander in Chief of the military forces. Third…the military will carry out all lawful orders that the President issues including the use of nuclear weapons. They can refuse to carry out unlawful orders…but that’s a difficult situation for them to be in and is certainly a step they would not take lightly. In addition…her attempt to tell the military what to do is clearly a violation of the separation of powers as specified in the Constitution…it just isn’t her job too do that…and it’s not the military’s job to refuse to obey orders because the Speaker of the House demands it.

Pelosi…again demonstrating a complete lack of understanding or ignoring of the separation of powers idea…then demanded that the VP invoke the 25th amendment to remove the President from office. Again…this is not her job. That amendment provides the guidelines for how the VP and a majority of the cabinet…all of who are members of the Executive branch…can do so. The legislative branch has zip squat nothing to do with this…and she again severely overstepped her bounds.

Next up…impeachment. Pelosi…again…has said she’s going to institute impeachment charges and she has the majority to pass them through the House. She’ll have to ignore the whole investigation part and the send it to committee part…but she’s willing to ignore the rules once again. However…there are a couple of problems with an impeachment. The rules say that once the impeachment charges pass the House they must be delivered to the Senate when the Senate is in session. It is not in session now and by Senate rules cannot be brought back into session without the unanimous consent of every member. The next regularly scheduled session is January 19…so the earliest the charges can be presented to the Senate is that day…and the trial must start the next day…so by the time it can happen the President will no longer be in office.

So…in another demonstration that the impeachment talk is just political BS…Mr. Clyburn announced that when charges are approved they won’t be presented to the Senate until after Mr. Biden’s first 100 days in office so that “his agenda can be enacted”. Any impeachment of the guy that was President 100 days ago is purely an exercise in political BS.

Speaking of Mr. Biden’s agenda…they Democrats are going to have trouble with a lot of the farther out demands the left wing is demanding…because with a tied senate and the VP breaking the tie that only gives them 51 votes. With the Senate having the filibuster…they need 60 votes to move forward with anything…which means that negotiation…everybody getting something and giving something…and bipartisanship will be the only way they get anything done. Yes…there’s the reconciliation process…but that only applies to budget, spending, and revenue bills…and can only be used once for each one in a year. So…if they come in and use reconciliation to immediately pass say the $2000 per person give away at a price tag of another half a trillion dollars…they can’t use reconciliation for any other spending bill this year…and that means that the filibuster will keep them from passing other spending priorities. Senator Manchin has already said he won’t vote to eliminate the filibuster…so that puts 51 votes in the “keep the filibuster” category.

I keep seeing articles about the “biased SCOTUS” we have as a result of the President “ramming through activist judges who will repudiate Mr. Biden’s goals”…along with the requisite packing the courts articles and the why we need to get rid of the EC articles, and the why we need to ban guns articles…but again I refer the liberals back to the constitutionally prescribed method for changing the constitution…follow it. Yes…it’s hard…but it was deliberately designed to be hard so that a 50% plus 1 majority did not run roughshod over the rights of the 50% minus 1 minority.

Enough about that…can our leaders just get back to doing their jobs and doing the people’s business. Nobody will be completely happy with bipartisan legislation…but they won’t be completely unhappy either.

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