It’s Official…Connie Is The NFL

Yep…and Ima not talkin’ ‘bout that football league thing that we don’t watch…for her the acronym means No Fun Laubenthal…although to be scrupulously fair Neil occasionally deserves the same thing so Ima not pickin’ on just her.

Ya’see…she’s been griping for years about it not being cold for Christmas because she likes the fluffy white snow. Unfortunately…the fluffy white stuff just jams up the roads and then after the trucks go by it just turns into brown slush and ice and is just yucky. Nonetheless…she’s got this romanticized fantasy about snow and White Christmas and all that jazz.

So…looking at the forecast for this weekend…itsa gonna be 32 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday and just smidge warmer at 33 on Christmas. So…seein’ as it’s gonna be cold…Neil offered to just toss some flour over her out in the yard and she could have her dadgum White Christmas after all…but nooooooo, she ain’t having any o’that…no siree-bob she ain’t. 

Ima tellin’ ya…sometimes there’s just no pleasing people. I have to admit…she can be fun sometimes he says but any more details will get him and me into the deep kimchi as they say in the Navy (that’s the doghouse for you non military types)…and don’t ask me how what is essentially the super spicy version of sauerkraut they have in Korea turned into being in trouble. They make kimchee with onions and garlic and hot peppers and cabbage and let it ferment for months…but it at least is edible. They also make this fish head sauce out of again…onions, garlic, and fish heads…all put into a metal garbage can then they let it ferment for months before draining out this really hot condiment that goes on pretty much everything in Korea. It stinks to high heaven while it’s being made…but then it is fermenting fish heads…but the final product actually doesn’t have much smell outside of the obvious heat you can tell is there when you sniff it.

OK…what else is happening.

We got our estimate for lanai screen repairs and Neil ordered the material which will be here tomorrow or Saturday according to FedEx…then John and Amber will put us on the schedule for the installation…might not happen next week with the holidays and all but early in the new year at least.

We got all our decorating for the season done…trees up, presents are kinda sorta wrapped (well, one of ‘em is done but Ms. NFL is a bit behind but she had to do the cards to mail out and get her nails done to be gorgeous for the holiday and is still in the late recovery stage from diverticulitis so she gets a pass…after all there’s 2 more days to get ‘er done as they say.

Our friends Bill and Linda will be here next week for a short visit…and we got a very nice present from our friend Cynthia up in the DC area…some high quality hand forged chef’s knives and a filet knife…they’re quite sharp and we’re glad to have them. 

Date night on Tuesday was sort of a bust…Connie picked out this dive bar but it was full of…let’s call em good old boys…and we normally wouldn’t have minded that at all but with no seats at the bar it just weren’t worth it…so we ended up at Longhorn Steakhouse and had appetizers. We’ll try again on Friday…she said she’s picking the Mexican place but who knows what she’ll really do. 

She missed both of her caroling gigs with the Mastersingers last week…she was early in the antibiotic phase of her diverticulitis attack and didn’t feel well enough to stand for a couple hours…she was sorta bummed about that.

And that’s about it I guess…oh yeah, we’ve finalized our post London choral tour UK travel plans and the travel lady is doing her thing to get hotel reservations.

No new images for me to post…although we are seeing some of the birds out back at the pond now so I’ll have him get some for me.

Interesting things found on the net.

This is what’s left after the owl hunts in the snow.


So…not bottomless then I guess.



Beer is one of the oldest drinks that humanity produced…this is a 4,000 year old receipt from 2050 BCE from the Sumerian city of Umma in Iraq. It’s a receipt for a beer purchase.


This is either Greek mythology gone wrong…or a panoramic photo gone wrong.


FYI…when one loses weight it comes from the fat located in the body…but just how do the calories in the fat leave the body? Actually…it’s not what you probably think…about 80% of them are exhaled as carbon dioxide.


And finally…since it’s the holiday season…we have to sneak in one holiday related image…and the joke is so much better when you have to think about it a bit.



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