And I spoke too soon…

And I spoke too soon…

Well, not about the surgical success…that is still valid. 

But after getting home from the hospital about 1900 Wednesday night…Connie’s fever spiked to 101.6 in the late afternoon Thursday and per instructions from the surgeon we called them for direction. They said to go to the ER. So Neil finished cooking the potatoes he was going to mash for dinner and put them in the fridge along with the steak and we got to the ER about 1700. Got taken back to the Overflow in the hall seating/treatment area about 1030 and they had ordered a CAT scan. She had some blood work done before that and her white cell count was 15. Normal is max 10 and it was 12 before she was released and 15 a day later…that means some sort of infection. She had to drink another 28 ounces of contrast and wait 2 hours for the scan…which happened about 0130. The scan showed nothing abnormal and the Anastomosis which is the place where they sew/staple/glue your colon back to the discharge orifice after they remove the broke piece wasn’t leaking. Still though…the surgeon said that bowel surgery is…messy is the word he used…even with the prep the inside still has bacteria and some of that leads out during the surgery…so obviously she had a post op infection. The ER doc said it was minor as did the radiologist and the surgeon had her admitted and started on IV antibiotics. At that point…it was about 0300 and they told her that she likely would stay in the holding room in the ER until the morning shift came in to move her to a room…so Neil headed home and slept in the recliner dressed for about 2.75 hours before getting up, getting the house ready for today’s maid service cleaning, and headed back to the hospital. She dozed a bit in the ER and was moved to the room by the time he got there. 

But both of them were pretty toasted…took a nap in the afternoon and he came home about 1545, cooked the previously thawed steak and had part of it and some of the mashed taters for dinner. I think both of of them will have an early night of it…he’ll be up at 0600 or so for Bike Day and then head off to be with her again.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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