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Been A Slow Coupla Weeks

So I figured I oughta give ya a report from plague central here in SW FL. Connie was…emphasis on was…getting to be feeling better after her surgery last month and by Friday Feb 24 she was feeling pretty good so … Continue reading

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I Finally Got Him To Do His Job

…that would be processing the photos from their visit to the Venice Rookery back on Feb 2…but in his defense he has been sorta busy with Connie’s surgery prey, surgery, ER visit, hospitalizations, and assorted goings on ‘bout all of … Continue reading

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It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Yeah…I know that Yogi said it first…but it works here so Ima borrowing the phrase from him. After our almost 12 hour overnight stretch in the ER Connie was admitted again and made it to a room shortly before Neil … Continue reading

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And I spoke too soon…

And I spoke too soon… Well, not about the surgical success…that is still valid.  But after getting home from the hospital about 1900 Wednesday night…Connie’s fever spiked to 101.6 in the late afternoon Thursday and per instructions from the surgeon … Continue reading

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Surgical Success

Just a quick update…as I noted in my last post Connie needed surgery to remove a bad portion of her colon that causes her repeated bouts of diverticulitis. So after spending the weekend doing the bowel prep for it…a feat … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Closer

We’re getting closer to being completely moved in…having made pretty good progress last week…not percentage wise but actual work wise. After arriving back home a week ago Monday…we spent Tuesday unloading the truck and returned it Wednesday. Thursday we had … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

That’s what the urologist said anyways. Neil was in for his procedure today…leaving the pre-op room for the OR by about 1220…he was originally scheduled for 1330 but the outpatient surgical center called yesterday and offered him 1200 instead so … Continue reading

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