Been A Slow Coupla Weeks

So I figured I oughta give ya a report from plague central here in SW FL.

Connie was…emphasis on was…getting to be feeling better after her surgery last month and by Friday Feb 24 she was feeling pretty good so they headed out to Date Night…it being Lent and her not really being up to long car rides yet they went up the road to the Tamiami Tavern arriving just a few minutes before they opened…which is necessary if you want to get a seat at the bar. We had a nice evening, ate some seafood, and all was well.

Saturday she had a rehearsal for her upcoming UK choral trip and wasn’t cleared to drive yet so he took her down to rehearsal, met the director who’s leading the tour he’s being the groupie for, and sat in the back while the singers did their thing then they headed home…she was still tiring pretty easily so that was it for the day.

Sunday after Mass/choir they went to Sarasota for the symphony concert…then stopped by Longhorn’s on the way home for dinner and again she was pretty tired by the time we got home…but that’s not really surprising since it was less than 2 weeks post surgery.

Monday they both had appointments with our primary care doctor…and since space was at a premium they put us both in the same room and essentially made it a double…his was just the annual thing and hers was the post surgery followup…all was well on both of those. Tuesday she saw her surgeon and he released her for full activities.

And that’s when the fun started. Tuesday afternoon he started feeling lousy…tired, achey, and maybe just a touch of fever…and looking back afterwards his symptoms really started a bit Monday evening. By the evening she administered one of our home Covid tests and he was positive…so 5 days in Covid jail at home for him followed by 5 days of out with the mask. They really tried hard to keep her from getting it from him…no touching, lot of hand washing…and thought they had dodged the bullet even though she started having ear pain in her bad eustachian tubes Wednesday or Thursday…but by Friday she had symptoms as well and another test revealed that their eradication efforts for her had failed. The good news is that since they were both positive all of the excessive precautions weren’t necessary anymore.

As of this morning (Monday) he’s feeling pretty much better…still some lingering coughing and sinus drips going on and somewhat tired but not exhausted like last week…and she appears to be 2-3 days behind him so she’s still feeling pretty lousy. As a result…she skipped choir yesterday (he was still in Covid jail so was gonna skip anyway) and just did the TV mass instead. She’ll do her Mastersingers rehearsal this evening via Zoom and they’re mostly going to stay home until they feel better. It’s still undetermined whether she’s got an ear infection as well or if that’s just part of her Covid symptoms although it’s not generally one of them but with her eustachian tube issues maybe the blockage of them by the congestion is causing the pain…he’ll take her to the urgent care clinic if she wants but she hasn’t decided to go yet.

In other news…after about 50 years of being eligible…Neil finally got summoned for jury duty today…he’s due to report April 3 for 1 day or 1 trial whichever takes longer…I’ll make sure he takes notes to blog about later.

Other than that …not much is new here. The pond out back continues to get lower as we are in the dry season…it’s probably 2.5 to 3 feet lower than it was after the rainy season and storm seasons were over.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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1 Response to Been A Slow Coupla Weeks

  1. Ruth N Streb says:

    Well I hope you both back on your feet ready to run today. We have not been busy. Wendy & Buddy are fine. Kim is back to school after her back surgery. I’m fine. My friend Claudia and I are discussing a possible cruise in the fall. I applied for a passport. I’ve had 5, the first cost $20. This one $164. We will see what happens.

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