Getting up to Date

Sorry about the long time between posts…but the adults have been really busy with a lot of things related to getting ready to travel but not actually traveling; so there wasn’t much to talk about (actually there was a bit of traveling but it was mostly the “get there” variety instead of the “do cool stuff” variety, but I digress so let me get back to the point).

After their last trip out to Indiana for the DRV factory tour they left again in early January for a trip (thanks to the miracle of frequent flyer miles) to Junction City, KS (via Kansas City) to visit the New Horizons factory. They then went onto LA for an organ concert at the Walt Disney Auditorium and came home.

They then decided to go ahead and get a custom built RV from New Horizons. The build quality and features you can get put in along with the much better standard features, insulation, and fit/finish make it a better coach than the DRV Elite Suite all around. The DRV is very nice; but if cost isn’t the top consideration then the New Horizons is the all around winner. I’ll post some better pictures of their actual rig once it’s built but just to tease you a bit here’s some of what they’re getting installed.

• Fireplace

• Hardwood floors

• Distressed cherry custom build cabinetry

• Residential fridge instead of an RV model

• Dishwasher

• Neil designed IT and communications systems

• 46″ LED TV

• MorRYDE air suspension and ABS brakes

Here are a couple of pictures of a model very similar to theirs. The red accent is a custom color to match the jerseys of God’s Team; the 2011 National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide. They’re still figuring out whether to get a truck that matches the tan on the rig or the red one that matches the highlight color. I’ll post some better pictures and give you areal tour once it’s built; but if you want a sneak peak take a look at and you can see a unit similar to theirs.


Majestic in Champagne Color


Kitchen and Dinette


Living Room

They’ll be moving their recliners and the double-wide into the 5ver (that’s RVer talk for Fifth Wheel) and hitting the road in July. The house goes on the market about May 1…they’ve got quite a list of packing, painting, and sorting to handle before then.

This week they’re driving out to South Dakota to change their domicile over…no state income tax and insurance and vehicle registration is much cheaper. I have to wonder who in their right mind would travel to South Dakota in February…but then they’re adults and responsible for their own bad decisions:-) They’ve already gotten their new mailing service setup; with as much of their bills and other business shifted to online as possible. The remainder will get sent to the human kid to scan and get to them via DropBox. (What will Neil think of next to make their lives easier?)

I think they’re taking me (at least I hope they are, I’ve never seen the Badlands or Mount Rushmore)…at least I’m better equipped to handle the cold being a bear and all, I think poor Kara might get a bit chilly. On the other hand; she is a retriever and used to jumping into cold lakes to retrieve dead birds so maybe she’s not quite as thin blooded as I thought.

That’s about it for now…I’ll update you later in the week with anything cool we might see in the cold wintery upper Midwest.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Bravo! Love the Crimson stripe, and can’t wait to see ya’ll this summer! RTR! ❤

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