They did it Again and Fulltimer Update

Well…those adults went ahead and did it again. They went off on a trip and left my furry behind behind!. I woulda really liked Nova Scotia too.

They had tickets to one of those Organ Symphony concerts up in Halifax and packed up and left the old homestead. Me and Kara  stayed home on the mantle (grr!) and guarded the home front while they were gone…I sure hope this nonsense stops when we get on the road.

They made it to Maine the first night and had this really nice lobsta dinner and a couple of beers, went by Booth Bay Harbor to see Connie’s parents house and then headed off for Canada.

They thought they were being so smart by taking Neil’s car with the South Dakota plates until they got to the border and tried to enter Canada. First question “Why are you coming to Canada”. Answer “To attend a concert”. Question “You came all the way from South Dakota for a concert”. Answer “Well, we actually came from Fairfax, VA”. After that we went into the suspicious characters line, got the whole 20 questions, search the car, rummage through Connie’s underwear routine and finally after an hour or so were allowed in. They spent a  night in Windsor Canada, went by and saw the tidal bore come in at the Bay of Fundy, and made it to Halifax for a couple of days.

Here are a couple of before and after shots from the tidal bore coming in; this was in the river at the top of the Bay of Fundy and the tide started in with a wave about a foot tall. The difference between the two photos is about 6 or 8 feet of tide change in maybe 15 minutes. We didn’t get back by the place with the boats after the tide came in but you can see from the dock height that it comes up a decent amount at high tide.

Nova Scotia Low Tide

Bay of Fundy at Low Tide

DSC 1542

Truro Tidal Bore at Low Tide

DSC 1566

Truro Tidal Bore at High Tide

Once in the Halifax area they went on a couple of hikes and saw some geese and a pair of nice little waterfalls.

DSC 1582

Windsor Park Waterfall

DSC 1605

Canadian Geese

Hidden Waterfall

Hidden Falls

The city of Halifax area was petty much a bust as on Saturday it rained pretty hard all day. Sunday was nicer but they had the concert in the early evening so didn’t go too far afield after Mass…nothing much is open in Halifax on Sunday anyway. They ate at this great little bistro near the concert hall. The lobster ravioli was really great and since Neil noticed that they had ginger beer on the menu he asked if they had Gosling’s Blackstrap rum. They did so he had a couple of Dark and Stormy’s instead of his usual Guinness. Great. Nice flavorful dark rum and ginger beer is like ginger ale on steroids…much more ginger flavor. Try one…it’s a great drink.

The concert itself was great. Unfortunately the organ was electronic and as is typical for electronic organs didn’t have a lot of bass oomph. It was above average for an electronic organ though…however, the orchestra playing was fantastic. It was the second most precise performance they’ve heard…only beaten out by the LA Philharmonic. Not a bobble was heard even in the parts where orchestras typically stumble. Symphonie Nova Scotia was great and clearly deserved a better organ than they had to complement their fine performance. The adults both said Bravo!!

They headed home the next day; turns out that getting back into the United States going to Fairfax with South Dakota plates on your car and telling them you went all the way to Halifax for a concert gets you the third degree every time. Connie took them across the wilds of Maine on the way back; Neil practically had to leave cracker crumbs behind in case they got lost they were so far into the back woods. Rained all the way across Canada and Maine on the way back; which made for some interesting driving. They did see a really nice waterfall (Pennacook Falls) in Rumford, Maine…the river level was much higher due to all the runoff from the storm and was quite spectacular…unfortunately it was raining way too hard to get out and take a picture of it but here’s one of it in better weather.


Pennacook Falls

They ran out of the storm by the end of the first day back, spent the night in Lebanon, New Hampshire and made it home safely the following day.

In other news; their RV build process is finished and it’s sitting in the parking lot at New Horizons in Junction City, Kansas until they pick it up on June 11. The F450 is built and will be delivered next week. The house is on the market; they’ve had about 20 people come and look including one that came twice (an hour the second time) so hopefully there will be a contract soon.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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