Arrived in Junction City, Kansas

Well, we successfully arrived here in Junction City this evening after a pretty hectic three days of travel.

Neil and Connie finished loading up BAT (Big A@@ Truck) on Thursday afternoon and early Friday morning and headed out for Knoxville to drop off some stuff at his sister Mary Jane’s house on the way out here. At least they didn’t forget me and Kara this time, we loaded up in the back seat of BAT and took a lot of naps in between gazing at the scenery.

You’ve all heard the story about the golfer that got home 18 hours after he left that morning looking pretty bedraggled, right? His wife asked him what happened and he said “I was playing with Fred and he had a heart attack on the 3rd tee this morning.” His wife says “That’s terrible.” and he replies “Yes, the rest of the day it was hit the ball, drag Fred, hit the ball drag Fred…”

Friday was sort of like that. Neil and Connie had put a tarp across the roll top desk and other stuff in the bed of BAT and used bungie cords to hold it down. They stopped just about every hour on the hour almost all the way to Tennessee to readjust the bungie straps. What a nightmare. They eventually got to Mary Jane’s house, unloaded equipment and then closed the tri-fold hard tonneau cover over the bed. That made the driving yesterday to Springfield and today to Junction much easier.

Today they stopped by Whitewater, Kansas which is over near Wichita and visited Connie’s nephew Ken and his wife Tanya and two adorable kids Anton and Annabelle. They live out in the country in a 120 year old restored house; the adults had a nice visit and ate barbecued chicken and lemonade. After dinner they headed out another 100 miles to finish up here in Junction City after driving by the New Horizons location to check out our new home. We’ve got the primo place front and center near the door and will start the delivery process at 0900 tomorrow. 

Sorry, no pictures today but they’ll get lots tomorrow and I’ll post a quick tour of our new home as soon as I can.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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