Livin’ large in the RV

We’re in the RV!! Yea!!

The adults checked out of the hotel yesterday and we headed over to the New Horizons site for our pickup at about 0900. Between the initial walk through, checking things out, unloading BAT into the basement and inside, putting everything away for our stay, going on a bike ride in the afternoon (90 degrees hot) and going out to Coaches Sports Bar for dinner the adults were pretty much done in. They ended up going to bed about 2130 last night…heck, it wasn’t even completely dark and they were out like lights. Slept straight through ’til 0530 this morning then they got up about 0600 when all the RV builders started revving up fork lifts, banging things, and generally waking the neighborhood up. They did some more checks today, got the internet and satellite TV working, went on another bike ride, and had some teriyaki marinated pork loin and fajita rice for dinner. Got a piece of carrot cake from the Wally World (Walmart) yesterday and will eat it in a bit for dessert but I bet they snarf it all up and don’t give me and Kara any of it.

They got most of the truck work done today; the camera cables and electrical hookups for the rig are done and the hitch base plate is installed. Tomorrow is the hitch itself and the PressurePro monitor to keep track of tire pressures. Most of the items on their rig punch list are minor; the window over the TV was the biggest thing that wasn’t done and that got fixed today. Most of the other stuff is pretty minor…at this point I don’t see a reason they won’t be on the road Friday as planned although you never know what might happen.

Anyhoo; here’s a few snapshots of the new home…I’ll make them post some more  when they get things put away a little better. Enjoy and cyas.


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

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