East Haddam, CT

Well, we got moved over to East Haddam, CT on Thursday and are camped at the Wolf’s Den Family Campground. Connie had a slight meltdown when they arrived due to long day, small roads, getting lost, nobody paying attention to her and various other issues but got over it in a few minutes.

Wolfs Den was a bit of a challenge getting parked. We ended up moving a couple of fire rings and picnic tables so we could convert a couple of back to back sites to a large pull through…this allowed us to get to in the only position where we could get into our assigned site. We would never have been able to back into it but were able to convert it into a pull through with the afore mentioned furniture moves. Got hooked up OK and met Jim in his travel trailer next door; turns out that although there is no sewer hookup at this campground there is a gray water dump. This means that we can dump dish water and shower water which means that we don’t have to contend with the shower rooms which are somewhat less than fully satisfactory. The black tank (from the toilet) can easily last us 2 weeks so we’ll just dump it at the dump station on the way out.

Friday we just vegg’ed out, Connie got her nails and hair done, Connie worked a bit in the afternoon, and Neil went on a bike ride. Saturday they headed out to a local tire place and ended up being 2 tires to replace the rears on the Mazda; they were worn out and making mucho noise on the road. Sounds much better now. They also had a great lunch at the Penny Lane Pub and then went down to Fort Saybrock for a look-see. There’s no fort anymore, it was razed and converted to a railroad round table in the late 1800’s but there are some dioramas that explain how Saybrook came to be and what it’s importance to the early colonies was. They also got a couple of nice shots of the exterior of the Lynde Point Lighthouse. Unfortunately, it’s privately owned now and they couldn’t get closer for any outside shots.


That was about the highlight for yesterday. Today we headed off to see Wadsworth Falls and Little Wadsworth Falls; unfortunately both were a bust. Wadsworth Falls is about 50 yards from the parking area and hence was really crowded with picnickers and swimmers. Neil was still able to get a shot with the crowds cropped out by judicious positioning of himself and they also took a picture showing the entire falls with both swimmers and fishermen in the pool. Talk about a multi-use facility; although I’m sure that any fish in the pool were scared way back into the cracks by all the swimmers so the fisherman won’t ever catch anything. Following that we headed off on a 3 mile hike to the Little Wadsworth Falls…unfortunately the total water volume was about 5 gallons per minute so the falls were more of a dribble.




That’s about it for today…tomorrow it’s more work for Connie and either another hike or a kayak trip depending on the weather.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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