Gillette Castle, Chapman Falls and Rocky Neck State Park and Beach

Life here in East Haddam has been pretty good this week. Monday Connie worked a bit and then we headed off to Gillette Castle for a picnic on the grounds near the Connecticut River. William Gillette was an actor in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s that made a career of playing Sherlock Holmes on stage. While wandering through the visitor center we found out that he invented the 3 mannerisms that people associate most with Sherlock Holmes; the drooping pipe, the cape, and the famous double billed cap. We decided not to pay the 15 bucks to tour the castle but did get a couple of pictures of the outside which is pretty cool.




We then hiked about ½ mile down to the bank of the river and had a picnic lunch; then hiked back up the cliff and headed off for the second part of our day; a visit to Devil’s Hopyard State Park and Chapman Falls. The falls were right off of the parking lot and were pretty nice…glad we were here on a weekday as I’m sure there would be too many obliviots swimming and climbing illegally on the rocks on a  weekend.


We then headed up to the vista point which was about a 3 mile loop trail. Pretty steep and rocky and headed through a 50 acre or so section that had a fire back in March. Once at the top the view was pretty nice


After a brief rest we headed down quickly since it Dark Sky (weather program on our iPhones)  said it was going to be light rain in an hour or so. After passing 2 20something mothers with their 5 kids on the way back down and having a little difficulty with staying on the trail a couple of times we got back to the park and headed home right before the rain started. Once home and showered Neil made some Guinness Shepard’s Pie out of a bit of leftover grilled sirloin from Saturday, some frozen corn, a package of mashed potatoes and a bit of cheese. That and a wine cooler made an excellent dinner.

Tuesday dawned dreary and raining so Connie worked some more then we went off and did laundry in town. After getting back the weather had cleared up but Connie was tired so we took a nap in the afternoon (Neil did get a picture of our campsite before sunset)


We had Jamaican Spiced Chicken, rice and winter squash for dinner. Connie watched some of the Republican Convention (Neil was bored with it after about 2 minutes) then we headed off to bed.

Wednesday Connie worked a bit early in the morning then we headed off to Rocky Neck State Park. There was a nice 3 mile hike through the salt marsh area…we saw common egrets, snowy egrets, ducks, swans, sandpipers and shore birds. While on the hike we ended up at the Vista overlooking the marsh and took this panorama shot (sorry it’s an iPhone photo, we forgot the DSLR).


On the way back we ran across this road sign


so we had to stop and get a shot of it as well.

Getting back home we showered (good thing we’re leaving tomorrow as our gray water is at 83% full) and are having some potato/Italian Sausage/Bacon/Cheese/Onion concoction for dinner. Sitting outside under the awning now typing this blog post…Connie is out in the sun but I had to sit under the shade so I can see the laptop screen. Tomorrow it’s off to Brewster, Mass on Cape Cod for a week of beach, lobsta’, and beer.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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