Meadowbrook Campground Phippsburg, Maine

Well, we’ve arrive he-ah in Maine. After a 150 mile trip today mostly on interstates we had to meander down the goat path about 5 miles to get into the campground. We got checked in fine and settled into site 15, a reasonably level 30 amp FHU site. We had originally reserved 50 amps but there’s no Passport America discount for 50 amp so since the weather is going to be cool we took the 30 amp site instead giving us a refund of about $104 for our 5 night stay. We ran over into downtown Bath and went to the Byrnes Irish Pub for dinner (starting to notice a trend here?). They had Murphy’s again so that was good. Connie had a bowl of clam chowdah and a fish cake salad thing. Neil had a bowl of Wounded Unicorn soup (a spicy, creamy chicken soup made out of leftover hot wings with some whiskey sauce, garlic, cream, and parmesan cheese in it) and a cheese steak sandwich. The sandwich was really good and would normally have been a hit but the soup was fabulous. It was so good that Neil tried to figure out how it was made so that he can reproduce it at home.


Tomorrow we’ll probably hike in the afternoon after Connie works a bit…but she hasn’t given us the detailed entertainment schedule yet.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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