Phippsburg, Maine

Wednesday Connie worked awhile and then we headed off for a hike at Spirit Pond. We had some troubles finding it because the directions essentially said stuff like “turn at the big rock past the tall tree”. The hike started ¼ mile from the intersection of 2 roads…however we found out that (a) those two roads intersect in at least 3 different places and (b) the names on Google Maps and the names on the road signs don’t match. No matter; Neil finally googled Spirt Pond instead of the road names and then figured out where the entrance had to be based on the descriptions of how to get there. After that they drove right up to it. Had a decent 3 mile hike although lots of skeeters were biting Connie despite the DEET insect repellent and not all that much scenery. Here are a couple shots of the Spirit Pond which was about halfway through the hike.



Came home, had a shower after sitting outside in the zero gravity chairs awhile, and had a some leftover chicken (Rotisseire chicken from the grocery store). Neil cut it up and made a barbecue sauce for it and served it over some left over roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Had a Waldorf salad with vanilla yogurt sauce along with it an a wine cooler.

Thursday turned out to be a bust from an “do anything interesting” point of view. Connie worked in the morning…she’s going to be pretty busy the next month or so getting all of her internship placement slots arranged and students assigned. She’s heard from 2 of 14 students regarding their availability but the deadline isn’t until next week sometime. She’s heard from 8 of 20 potential sites and already has 7 of her needed slots so she should have no troubles getting enough sites. By the time she was done and they went grocery shopping it was too late to still do the seaport museum visit, have our lobstah dinner from the campground, and be ready to visit with our new friends at 1830. So we punted the museum until Friday, got a steamed lobstah, corn and potato (decent but not as good as the fettuccini and ravioli last week but not bad).

Going on the basic RVer rule that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet…Angela Klinger and Ralph Roderick introduced themselves to Neil the other day and came over at 1830 for wine, talk, and a New Horizons tour. They’re currently full timing (sold their farm near Frederick, MD 7 years ago) in a Presidential 5ver but Angela has her eyes on a New Horizons. They had seen Phil and an earlier incarnation of the Majestic 7 or 8 years ago at the Hershey RV Show but wanted to see what was new and better from that. They really liked our wood floors and dishwasher…and Ralph really liked the basement storage volume…but haven’t figured out if they are going to upgrade or not. Both are retired; Ralph is into competitive shooting and does 18th century cowboy shooting using period clothing, weapons, live ammo, and metal (moving and stationary) targets. They’ve got a big gun safe where the washer and dryer would be in their Presidential and Ralph also does reloading of his own shells since he shoots a lot of bullets for target practice. They’re really interested in taking a trip to Alaska sometime but since guns are persona non grata in Canada they would have to offload all of the weapons, ammo, reloading gear, and powder before going across the border. They get pretty upset at even 1 bullet so he’s afraid they would never be able to get everything out…would miss something…and get busted by the border guards or something. 

They were impressed that despite our relative newness to the full timing lifestyle we had figured out so many of the lessons learned that usually take a couple of years. I passed on our reliance on others like Howard and Linda Payne, Jack Mayer, and others from the various forums that Neil frequents and his long standing nuclear trained ability to analyze the heck out of anything as the primary reasons for this. They wondered why we ended up RVing since we had never RVed before…Neil told them it was his fallback position when Connie didn’t like his original idea which was to do a round the world tour with a couple of backpacks.

Today we’re likely going on either a hike or the museum (or possibly the lighthouse museum tour instead) as soon as Connie finishes working and they have lunch.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Phippsburg, Maine

  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Sounds like you’re having a blast! What’s a zero gravity chair??

    • Gunther says:

      It’s a fold up outside recliner… is like the ones we have. Right comfy for snoozing outside.

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