Doing nuttin’ and moving to Oneonta, NY

Well, after Connie left on her trip down to her high school reunion Neil went on a run and then sat around the house and watched football until it was time for Mass. Headed out to church and got stuck in a traffic jam, barely making it to the church in time. Afterwards he came home, made a triple decker BLT for dinner and mixed a drink. It was yum. Watched some more football and then had some ice cream with Maple Bananas Foster on top…that was even more yum than the BLT.

Sunday he got up, ate breakfast and went on a bike ride. Connie got home from her trip about 1330 and they took a nap since she didn’t get much sleep the night before. Neil made a steak for dinner with some gourmet mashed potatoes mixed with horseradish cheddar cheese. That was even more yum than the Bananas Foster the night before.

Today we got up to a nice sun shine day…maybe the rain has finally stopped for awhile. We got packed up and on the road about 1000. About 129 miles today, almost all on the freeway until we arrived here at Susquehanna Campground in Oneonta, NY…got checked in for 4 nights at $17.50 a night and all set up by 1330 here in site 21. It’s a 30 amp FHU back in site but Neil’s getting pretty good at backing into sites so one back in and another couple of back and forths to fine tune our positioning in the site (needed to make sure that all jacks were over the graveled portion of the site and not the muddy grassy portion where they would sink).


Neil went on another ride while Connie worked on her student scheduling and then it was time for dinner. Neil made a home made french bread pizza with mushrooms, shallots, and garlic and a couple of wine coolers. Now it’s sit around until bed time…supposed to get down in the high 30’s tonight and a frost warning for tomorrow night. Neil did notice on the drive south today that this area has lots better leaf color than up by the lake which was all pine trees and hence was still green. Connie is working a bit more in the morning and then we’ll go on a hike in the afternoon…hopefully getting some good foliage pictures to post.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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5 Responses to Doing nuttin’ and moving to Oneonta, NY

  1. saberonyx says:

    hi,im just reading up on rving and came across you guys, some nice reading ,thanks and good traveling!!

    • Gunther says:

      Glad you like. Please follow along if you like as we travel and report our discoveries.

      • saberonyx says:

        great,yea right now im just arm chair traveling,looking at everything,i subscribed to mobile homes,listen to a few podcast and follow some rvers. my wife and i always travelled by car,never plane so in a few years i plan on retiring and rving looks like what we want to do… always going back and forth with what wheels to do,but i mostly keep coming up with a 5th wheel ride… well nice talking to you!!!

      • Gunther says:

        Yeah, we definitely recommend the 5ver over a Class A; those are too much like a bus for either of us. Plus there’s that whole ‘steering wheel in the living room’ thing that Connie really didn’t go for not to mention the cost efficiency. We went pretty high end with our New Horizons 39 foot 5ver and still only spent about 220K total for rig and tow vehicle. You can get a 40 foot Class A for that but if you want diesel power (which I strongly recommend) and equivalent level of interior features you will pay a lot more than 220K. If your needs are less you can also get a decent full timing rig for 125K although it won’t have as many features or be constructed as well as the New Horizons is. Feel free to follow along with us. I also recommend which is run by a couple friends of ours named Howard and Linda Payne. They’re about 45-50 and have been doing the full time thing for going on 7 years now…living and working on the road. Howard is quite free with posting their budget and actual costs (they’re averaging something like 35K a year total cost but they don’t have a mortgage on their rig included in that) and they are very open on how to live the full timer lifestyle with many, many how to posts on their blog as well as daily updates on their life. Really, really nice folks.

      • saberonyx says:

        thanks,i will check them out!!!

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