Reporting the actual observation of sunshine

Well…I can report today that we observed actual sunshine. Yeppirs, honest to good sunshine and blue skies…unfortunately they only lasted a couple of hours.

Connie spent the morning working on her student schedule coordination then we had some summer sausage and smoked cheddar cheese for lunch. After that we headed out to the Mount Franklin Nature Sanctuary for a hike. First stop was at the Hawk Watch area about halfway up the ridge. We saw a group of Turkey Vultures and a single Red Tailed Hawk but unfortunately they were all too high to be anything other than a dot in the photo so we passed on the photo op. We did see some nice fall foliage looking out from the Hawk Watch counting station


Then a little further up the trail we got this pair. The second is an HDR version of the same scene.



Neil took a nice shot of a back lit milkweed plant


and we saw a bit more fall foliage towards the top of the ridge


and an HDR version


Finally; we saw a little yellow butterfly on some purple flowers and Connie had Neil take a shot of it since she forgot her camera today.


And the HDR version.


We then headed down through the wetlands portion of the sanctuary…Connie fell on her tush after climbing over a fallen tree…and got back to the car after a nice hike of 2 miles and about 250 feet elevation change. It was getting overcast again by the time we got back…so we skipped getting a picture of the wetlands which looked amazingly like a Florida marsh except there were no water fowl in it and the water was much darker than normal, it was almost coffee colored.

After getting back to the rig; they got dressed up for dinner since Neil declared it to be date night. They went to the Legends Filling Station which is a country type bar. It had Guinness on tap and pretty decent nachos…which means a good dinner was had by all.

Neil has also instituted as of today a new feature in the blog. It’s called the Connie Attracts the Town Drunk Counter…guess I better give you a little background on this one. He has a friend who is a full time traveler named Jodi Etenberg…she has a blog called Anyway; she has something called the Bird Crap Counter…which as the name indicates is the number of times a bird has crapped on her during her travels. After being on the road for something like 4 years she’s up to about 10 or 12 on the counter.

So…the Connie Attracts the Town Drunk Counter will document the number of times Connie has attracted the town drunk. Neil says it’s got to be something she did or her pheromones or something as he’s never attracted them. As of today the count is up to 3.

Town Drunk #1 was in Red Hook, NY at the Beecham Inn as I talked about back on 8/19/12. At the time we just laughed it off as one of those things but then came

Town Drunk #2 in Ellsworth, ME. We were in this Irish Pub named Finn’s Irish Pub in Ellsworth one night. When we arrived at the bar there were three seats left down at the end…we took two of them leaving the stool in front of the waitress station (you know the one with the little containers of lemon and lime slices, olives, cherries, and the other drink garnishes)…and sure enough, out of the blue who sits down but the town drunk. He was regaling Connie with all these racist tales while she was doing her best to ignore him…after 20 minutes or so he got the idea and moved along. Again; we just laughed it off until today when we were sitting at Legends and we ran into

Town Drunk #3 who just wanted to give her peace signs and show her his Eagles (band, not the team) T-shirt because they were playing the Eagles song Take it Easy. Suddenly they both broke out laughing and decided this must be a sign from heaven…so now we’ll be keeping up the Town Drunk Counter.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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