Travel to Florida

Well, Connie got up early Saturday morning and took a look at the weather for our scheduled intermediate stop for 4 days in Cartersville, Georgia. Highs in the low 50’s and wind due to hurricane Sandy meant that we would not be able to do much. So, we mixed the Jello planning bowl a bit and changed plans. Instead of Cartersville we continues another 125 miles or so to Jackson south of Atlanta and stopped just for the night. Our original planned campground was a dump and too small anyway so we found High Falls RV Park about a mile away and got a nice pull through site. Sorry I have no picture but that’s because Neil had a laptop issue and it needs a new hard drive. Luckily it’s in warranty and being fixed as I type. We headed out Sunday morning and got here to Live Oak, Florida by about 1300. Temps are in the 70’s, light winds, and clear blue skies. Still no picture though, although I will get one today and update this post when the laptop gets back.
Monday Connie worked and Neil bummed around with a bike ride and a veal dinner being the high list of the day along with an oil change for BAT at Walts Ford. Tuesday Connie went to the library for more work whole Neil drove 100 miles to Jacksonville to the Apple store to get his laptop fixed. It has an intermittent issue with the drive but the Genius ordered the part to fix it. Wednesday Connie declared to be a day off so we got some groceries, had a nice hike around the campground and along the Suwannee River. Neil was able to get a shot of the Balanced Rock while on their hike.

Balanced Rock

After that he made some really good spaghetti sauce and they watched TV until bedtime. We will continue this stretch in Live Oak until Monday when we head down to Moore Haven on the shores of Lake Okechobee. I will try to post more when we have enough Internet bandwidth (Verizon air card service is really slow here), but photos will be slim pickings until Neil gets his laptop back. Took me 20 minutes to email the pic from his phone to myself, get it on the iPad I am posting this from, and get it cleaned up. He doesn’t have Photoshop on the iPad so it’s hard to get things done.

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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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