Live Oak, FL and Two Rivers Hike

Well; we’ve had a pretty decent time of it here in Live Oak at the Suwannee River State Park. This is a pretty decent park and we’ve been in Site 22 all week; a FHU 50 amp site.


Internet connectivity at the park is really slow; no wifi and Verizon for our air card has practically no signal. Connie’s been working; we got the oil changed in BAT and Neil made two trips over to Jacksonville to drop his laptop off for repair (a new SSD) and to pick it up. The SSD drive replacement seems to have done the trick; but then the problem was intermittent anyway so hopefully his laptop won’t crap out again. He’s going to try to keep a better clone backup of the drive for the next couple of months until he’s convinced it’s working as it should.

We went on a hike around the park on the Balanced Rock Trail and got this nice pano of one of the bogs nearby the river.


The only thing we’ve really done this week is go on a  hike on the Two Rivers trail along the Suwannee River. I’m not sure why they call it Two Rivers since it goes down the Suwannee about 2.5 miles than back up along a county road and through the woods for 3 miles back. We were most amazed by the fact that the walk along the river was really sandy; it was like hiking on a beach rather than along a river bank. Anyway; we got a few pictures of the river and butterflies.




Tomorrow we’re headed off for Ortona South campground which is located in Moore Haven on the west side of Lake Okechobee. We’re looking forward to it being even warmer than it is here and getting the kayak wet for a change. Our site is along the canal and it should be a great place to get in some paddling the next couple of weeks. 

I don’t have enough bandwidth to post this today but will try again tomorrow or maybe Tuesday have to run out to the library to find enough internet to get it up.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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