Florida Manatee Park and Sun N Fun Resort

The day after Xmas we just vegetated since we were still tired…Connie went to water aerobics and we laid in the Zero Gravity Chairs out under the awning in the afternoon…but after our leftover Xmas dinner for dinner we went down to the computer club here in the park. Neil was able to solve about 5 or 6 computer problems that various people were having then we came home and watched bowl games until bedtime.

Thursday we decided to get out of the rig for a bit after lunch. Connie’s knee is still a bit sore and her ear issues are still causing her some vertigo…and Neil still has a pretty bad cold and cant’ breathe very well…so we took a short trip over to the  Florida Manatee Park. Manatees (for those of you who have no idea what they are) are large aquatic mammals shaped sort of like a large seal or a walrus. They’re known as sea cows…they eat vegetation mostly…the live in Florida…and they don’t like cold. So…not liking cold in the winter time they tend to hang out in warmer waters. One such place is nearby us on the Caloosahatchee River. There’s this power plant that sucks in river water to cool the generators and such and pumps warm water back out into a canal that runs back into the river. The manatees hang out in the canal because the water is about 85 degrees year round and keeps them nice and toasty. Here are a couple of pictures we took of them…the ones in these pictures are probably 8 feet long and 1500 pounds or so. They’re big…they’re slow…and they’re not afraid of people.

Manatee1 031

Manatee2 032

Manatee3 033

Along the way Connie took some pictures of the flowers along the trail along the canal.

ManateeFlower1 034

ManateeFlower2 035

ManateeFlower3 036

We also found a nice place we can launch the kayak for a parking fee of $5. It’s an entrance to the Great Calusa Blue Way. There’s another boat ramp on the Blue Way about a mile from our campground…our plan is to drop BAT off at the first one and take the car and the kayak to the one near Manatee Park and launch there. We’ll be able to get a 5-6 mile paddle through the mangroves and canals in the waterway and take out at the second boat ramp near the campground then go back and get the car. This way we can be going down river on the portion when we’re out of the backwater canals and hence not have to paddle upstream. It will cost us another $5 parking fee to drop off BAT…but that’s the way it goes.

Today we drove up to Sarasota to take a tour of the Sun N Fun Florida RV Resort. This is a much larger (1500 sites) resort than Seminole and is much more corporate and “resort-ey” but we’re thinking about staying there for a week when we leave here on the way up to AL to see Neil’s family. It was a nice park but is much more developed with a lot of things to do than Seminole is…and the sites are closer together…but it doe have some nice facilities. We might not want to stay there for an extended time but you never know…perhaps we’ll like a park that is more resort-ey. 

Tomorrow is cleaning day…the rig is getting kinda of dirty so it’s sweep, dust, clean mirrors, polish wood, clean toilets and all that stuff so we’ll have a clean house for New Years. Connie is cantoring at Mass on Sunday and we’ve got to make a fruit salad for the pot luck on New Year’s Eve.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Florida Manatee Park and Sun N Fun Resort

  1. Cynthia says:

    What great fun. I saw manatees at Wakulla Springs in early December. I love reading about and seeing your wonder life, especially while I wait for snow! Happy New Year and many more travels.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Yeah; we had seen manatees before when we were down here in college at the University of Miami; but lots of people don’t really know what they are so I figured that putting some additional description into the post would be helpful. Ya’ll up there are welcome to all the snowif we never see any ere again it won’t bother me at all.

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