Chores kinda day

Today was pretty much a chores day. Neil woke up with a headache about 0400 so drank a bunch of water since he felt dehydrated and took some Advil and luckily by about 0830 was feeling better. So we had some breakfast then Neil took down the outside Christmas decorations…we’ll leave the inside ones up until Jan 6 since that’s the official end of the Christmas Season. While he was doing that; Connie spent the morning working on reservations at our 2 stops between here and southern AL where we’ll visit family, reservations at Gulf State Park for a couple weeks ending the day after Easter, and scouting out parks in Alberta for our sojourn into Canada in the Spring. After the de-decorating was complete Neil went on a bike rid and then they had lunch, followed by Connie working (she’s got a bunch of stuff that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks) and Neil went off and ran 3 loads of laundry.

After that we sat outside in the Zero Gravity Recliners and listened to podcasts until it was Beer O’ clock…then headed in to cook dinner. Neil had taken a pork loin out for dinner but upon further review decided he wanted to make spaghetti instead…so he called Connie from the laundry room and had her take out an Italian Sausage. Neil mixed the sausage with some onions, garlic, tomato paste, chicken stock, and basil with other Italian spices and made some pretty good sauce. He cooked up some linguini and a couple of frozen French Rolls, spread some Parmesan Reggiano on top and it was mighty good. They’ve got leftovers which will make a nice side dish tomorrow or for lunch.

Connie headed off to Bingo at the park after dinner. Neil did some research on Jasper and Banff National Parks in Alberta, Canada for their spring visit to decide which park needs 2 weeks and which needs 1 week. 

We watched the Fiesta Bowl until we got tired then put the laundry away and went to bed.

All are tired tonight…not like we did anything too much but even in Paradise you still need to wash your unmentionables.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Chores kinda day

  1. Jeannie says:

    We loved Gulf State Park when we were there in November..You guys are quite the domestic couple! Wish I had a guy who knew how to cook and wanted to learn!

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      We saw you had stayed there in November. I had camped there in a tent many, many years ago and since we’re going back to visit family in Mobile where I grew up and Fairhope decided it would be a nice place to have brothers, cousins, etc all come over and see our new house. I’ve pretty much always been the cook in our household (except when I was out to sea in the Navy and Connie took care of it)Connie is in charge of whatever prep work or tasks the chef assigned to her as well as cleaning the stove while I wash pots and pans. For the first 20 years or so we were married I was the cook and she was known as the kitchen wench but I gave her a promotion to sous chef and myself a promotion to executive chef since we got to cooking in a more gourmet manner.

      She didn’t cook much growing up so was pretty inexperienced at it when we got marriedI started cooking when I was 8 or 9 and have pretty much always cooked. The good thing about that is that she learned to cook my way which has defused a lot of potential disagreements over the years.

      She still holds it over my head though that she has a published recipe in an actual you-could-buy-it-at-the-bookstore cookbook. I’ve invented a lot of really good dishes over the years but she’s got one up on me with her published recipewhich we both thought would be a disaster when she told me what she had done. Turns out that putting graham cracker crumbs in your meatloaf instead of bread crumbs or crackers makes the best meatloaf you’ve ever tasted.

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