Catching Up

Man; 4 days since I posted anything…sorry about that but things have been sort of busy with a lot of not too exciting things.

Monday was Connie’s parents birthday and anniversary so after her doctors appointment in the morning (routine women check up stuff) we headed over to West Palm Beach to visit them. When we arrived she was happy to see that the crucifix and flowers she had ordered for Harry and Anne’s gravesite had been installed.

HarryAnneDemeryGravesite1 073

We spent some time there visiting and catching her parents up with things in our live, telling them we missed them, and all that stuff. Here’s a picture of Connie while she was talking to them.

ConnieAtHarryAnneDemeryGravesite1 074

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days. Neil did some work around the house, maintenance, cleaning, and the like while Connie worked. Not much interesting there.

Today was our trip up to the Tampa RV Supershow…it’s about a 120 mile drive from here in Seminole but we headed off about 0830. After stopping by a furniture store that sells Restonic mattresses so we can get our mattress replaced by New Horizons with something softer than a board we had lunch at Wendy’s and then hit the show. Didn’t buy anything while wandering through the exhibit halls but we stopped by the New Horizons booth and took a look at their new show model. There are a couple of modifications/upgrades that are very attractive so we will very likely get them installed in early May when we pass through Junction City, KS to get some warranty work done. Wainstoteing and chair rails in the living room slide look really nice as do some upgraded switches for our Multiplex lighting system which we’ll also probably get done.

We also met Jack and Danniele Mayer who Neil has had some back and forth email discussions with during our pre ordering and specification defining process…nice to put a face to the name at last.

We headed home…got here in a drizzling rain with temps in the 60’s and headed off to the Elks for dinner (Thursday is Taco Night). Unfortunately today is the monthly meeting which means no food is served today…so we had a pitcher of beer and a frozen pizza for dinner. We’re headed off to Bingo at the park in a bit and will have some popcorn and donuts to supplement our dinner.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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