We have a clean house

Not much going on the past couple of days. Friday Connie had an appointment for a mammogram, Bone Density Test, and Pelvic Ultrasound after her OB/GYN visit the week before. While she was gone Neil got out the hose, brushes and buckets and washed the house. Roof, back, sides and front…man, he must have gone up and down the latter 50 times by the time he was done. He was gonna wash the car when Connie got home but by that time he was pooped so it has to wait until another day. We went out to the Elks for fish dinner and had some beers with it. The fish there is really good.

Saturday we didn’t do much; stayed home and vegetated most of the day. Dinner was a pasta/pork/lemon concoction…similar to Pork Limone but with pasta mixed in. We’ve got leftovers for tomorrow.

Sunday was Mass…afterwards we stopped by the Sweet Bay for some groceries. After lunch Connie headed off for laundry and Neil went on a bike ride. When he got back he sat around the laundry room with her and they had a beer; then folded the clean laundry and came home. Dinner was grilled corn, grilled steak, and mashed ‘taters with some Pinot Noir to go along with it. 

Neil’s thinking cookies later but right now we’re watching the Patriots/Ravens AFC Championship game.

Tomorrow Neil will work on tax paperwork while Connie does some work for the College. We’ve got leftovers from last night that Neil will put in a casserole and add some crunchy toppings.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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