Bike Ride at Babcock Webb Wildlife Management Area

Today was a fun day. We had to close the windows last night since the expected low was down in the 50’s so once we got up we fired up the fireplace and got the house temp up to warm enough to have coffee. Once we had some caffeine in us Neil fixed us some English Muffins for breakfast and then we got dressed and headed off to the Babcock Webb Wildlife Management area about 15 miles from Seminole. This is a state conservation and hunting area (closed to hunting right now) that is about 50 square miles or so. We were originally going to go on a hike but once we got there, saw how overgrown the trail was, and Neil figured there would be rattlesnakes out sunning themselves as it warmed up from the 60’s we decided to just go on a bike ride instead. We did about 8 or 9 miles on graded/gravel roads and rode through a variety of pine prairie type areas as well as a few wetter pond areas. The first thing we saw was a Red Shouldered Hawk…it flew up from the right side of the road we were riding on and passed within about 5 feet of Connie…must not have known she was there. Scared the heck out of her. Too quick to get any pictures but Neil was able to see enough details to identify it.

Heading on down the road we ran across a Great Egret and a Common Egret.



As well as a Red Cockaded Woodpecker. There are about 12 nesting colonies of these in the management area…they’re pretty similar to a Red Headed Woodpecker in size and coloring.


Finally we saw Connie’s obligatory flower so we grabbed a shot of that.


After that we finished the last 3 miles or so back to the car which was good for Connie since she was bonked (bike racer term for tuckered out). We had a granola bar for snack then headed home where we had some lunch and rested out in the sun under the awning. 

Came in and fixed dinner…Three Cheese Ravioli with garlic/bacon/shallots/pine nuts and some Parmesan grated over the top. Yummy. Connie headed off to choir practice and Neil headed down to the Computer Club at the park to see who needs their computer fixed.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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