Workin’ on Taxes

Monday was another work day ’round Casa de Laubenthal as Connie hit it early firing up e VPN and logging into the NVCC college network. After she had worked for 2 hours she figured out it was a college holiday so she’s just gonna put her hours down tomorrow.
Neil pulled out the 2012 tax folder and started work on that fun job. Due to Congress and e President’s bickering who knows when the actual forms will be approved by the bandits, er Infernal Revenue Service but he was able to get all of their deductions figgered out and punched into the database. As soon as the TurboTax program gets delivered this week he will be all ready to go except for the forms updates and getting in all the W2s, 1099s and such. Hopefully the extra 500 bucks a quarter he paid in estimated taxes will be about right. He also finished up their final financial analysis for their returns in 2012, I can report at we don’t have to sell the rig or stay in slummy campgrounds yet.
Today is more work for Connie and a bike ride and picking up packages for Neil. He got us a gigabit Ethernet capable Airport Base Station a couple weeks back and has a gigabit switch and 3TB hard drive for backup to upgrade the rig’s IT systems a bit. Connie will just gripe that he changed things around though.
Dinner will be some leftover pasta/pork/lemon stuff made into a casserole with some cheese crunchy topping and a couple of rolls tossed into the oven. After that it will be time for Bingo and Beer at the Elks.

About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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