Same Old, Same Old

Not much doing since my last post on Friday. Connie’s still sick with whatever crud she has…sinuses hurt, aches, fever, coughing, nose running, post nasal drip running; the whole works. We all had a flu shot so it’s unlikely to be flu…but obviously there is some other respiratory bug running around. Her face has really been hurting up in her sinuses so it’s most likely a sinus infection. That’s bad because it’s an infection …but it’s good in that sinus infections are generally bacteria based and not viral based…which means they’re a lot harder to be contagious with…which means the rest of us are less likely to catch it from her…which is a good thing.

So it’s been pretty much get up, drink coffee, sit around, Neil goes running, eat dinner…wash, rinse, repeat since Friday.

Luckily she’s feeling a bit more chipper today although still coughing and sounds terrible but is actually feeling a lot better. She’s got a doctors appointment tomorrow and another one Wednesday. She was also pretty successful at her job for NVCC today…just sent out the request for intern placements this morning and already has 7 of 14 slots she needs; she’s getting the affiliated labs to respond to her better than her boss did by nurturing relationships better with the lab personnel and making sure all of the paperwork for her students is in order well before they arrive at the lab. She’ll be up at her maximum 40 hours for the 2 week pay period when it closes on Thursday and will likely be pretty close for both pay periods in February before it slacks off a bit in March through early May. Luckily her slack period (summer) pretty much coincides with the period when we want to be free to do fun stuff.

Dinner tonite will be Tilapia filets…Neil’s still deciding what to do with them. We had to break down and turn the A/C on today…it’s up in the mid 80’s and pretty toasty so we fired it up around noon and it’s nice and cool in the house now.

Our new long lens for the DSLR got shipped today and is supposed to be here Thursday. The failed hard drive went back to OWC for replacement under warranty and is as far as Chicago but should likely be delivered tomorrow or Wednesday…with the replacement drive to us by the middle of next week or so.

Neil completed a mini upgrade to our IT systems. Got a new wireless access point that has gigabit ethernet so it can actually use the full 802.11n speed that the wireless part supports as well as a gigabit switch to replace the old slow switch and a 3 TB hard drive to hang off the Airport as another back up for the files on our Mac Mini server. He’s been doing backups to another drive (the failed one getting replaced) but it’s still attached to the server so all the backups are in the same location in the coach. We also have an offsite backup of important stuff to the cloud but our relatively low internet bandwidth (the biggest disadvantage to RV life we’ve found…park WiFi ain’t FIOS for speed or throughput) means that our offsite backup only happens weekly instead of daily like it used to be in the house. He’s got a couple of bare hard drives in BAT and the car that get carried in and the server duplicated every couple of weeks but that’s a manual backup and doesn’t happen unless we remember to do it. Adding this new drive to the Airport at least gives us a daily backup not attached to the server so  that if it takes a dump and kills all the drives attached to it (unlikely but possible) the one on the airport will be more up to date. Way more than you wanted to know about our backup strategies I know but I’m waiting on Connie to get finished working so we can go out for a walk.

If you’re interested in a more complete description of how to build an IT and communications system in an RV let me know and I’ll post a more detailed list of what we’ve got and how it all works.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Same Old, Same Old

  1. Jeannie says:

    We wish you were in the area to help us get the max out of our Macs and wifi. We don’t understand most of what you are talking about even if you spelled it out! 🙂

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      We’re just down here in North Fort Myers; and will be at Sun-N- Fun where you are now starting Mar 1. We could probably be bribed to come up and give you an assist visit before you leave assuming you’re not going to be there that long…lunch and beer sounds like a decent bribe to me.

      Drop me a line to my email (you’ve got it, if you want to see about setting up something. I suspect you’re doing most of it right but a little tune up and some recommendations for backup, etc) are always good. I know you were a teacher and not used to being on the other side of the desk: but it’s really not that hard and I’ve learned over the years to tailor the level of my explanations to the expertise level of the user/client…I’ve been doing computer consulting and user group help out for a long time.

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