Finally on the Mend

Whew, Connie’s finally on the mend from her cold/sinus infection/whatever it was. She’s feeling almost better at this point. She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and another one today but hopefully she’s all done now although she’s still waiting on the results of one more test. Neil had a nice bike ride yesterday although it was pretty windy and a nice run today although it was hot but a quick jump into the pool after both of them made short work of the overheating problem.

Last night it was breakfast for dinner…cubed up a couple of potatoes and fried until crispy; added 3 coarsely chopped thick sliced applewood smoked bacon (yum), and some chopped onion. Once all of that was cooked up; added 4 whisked eggs and a pile of cheddar cheese and it ended up as a Frittata. Some sour cream on top, a glass of wine and it was pretty good. After that it was off to the Elks for Bingo…Connie almost won three separate times getting down to one number needed but each time after 8 or 10 numbers that weren’t right somebody else won the darn game.

Tonight will be Italian Sausage sandwiches with grilled onions and cheese with a salad…then Connie will skip choir practice since she’s still coughing a bit even though she’s feeling better.

We met Pam and Vic from in the park yesterday. They’re full timers as well from Oregon…although in a Class A instead of 5ver…and Pam gave Neil some good pointers on places to stay and things to see when we’re in Oregon come July and August.

Tomorrow night we have a concert down the coast a bit. Tom Pandolfi who accompanies the New Dominion Chorale that Connie sung with back in Fairfax is playing and we’re going to drive down, have dinner at the Gator Bite Bar and Grill and go to the concert.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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