Shopping Trip Today

Today we had a little shopping trip to get parts for a couple of upgrades that Neil is going to install. First stop was Best Buy hunting for a new headset for Connie to use for doing video presentations and answering the soft phone on her work laptop. They didn’t have anything we wanted so we’ll have to look on Amazon and find one.

Next was a stop at Lowes to get parts for two rig modifications.

First up is an arrangement to better support the slide topper over our living room slide. As I related the other day; the heavy rainstorm we had resulted in puddling in the slide topper that ran down the side and through the poorly sealed window. For those who aren’t sure what a slide topper is; it’s a kind of awning that covers just the top of the slide when it is extended and rolls up when the slide is retracted. It’s purpose is to keep leaves and trash off of the top of the slide and hence out of the slide seals and inside the coach. On our living room slide; the topper is 14 feet long and about 28 inches wide and is supported only on the outer edge of the slide and at the wall above the slide. It’s just too much area to be adequately supported without something additional. So we got some PVC pipe to essentially make a support to go under the topper. I’ll have Neil take some pictures of it tomorrow before he installs it so you’ll see how it works…and also to provide a resource for any other RVers that happen across our site and want to do something similar.

Second is a replacement flagpole. Neil made a simple vertical one of of a PVC pipe back in the summer but he’s going to replace it with an angled one that swivels in the wind and has a place to hang a name plate. We’re also looking into ordering a custom painted welcome sign to add to our yard while parked. Again, I’ll post some pictures of this tomorrow; Neil has it about half constructed and I’ll take some photos and talk about the construction details.

Dinner was crockpot pulled pork. Early this morning (well, it was 1000 so it actually wasn’t all that early) Neil got out the crockpot…layered a sliced onion on the bottom and tossed in a 3 pound or so pork butt. Added salt, garlic, cumin, ground chipotle peppers and a bottle of beer, put on high for 8 hours or so and then drained and pulled it apart with a couple of forks. We served it with some baked beans and french rolls…dessert will be in a little while and is leftover blueberry crisp; this is a modification of a blueberry cobbler that Neil came up with about 5 years or so ago…oh so gooey and good. 


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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