A Cold and Windy Day in Sarasota

I thought it was s’posed to be warm in Florida. Neil went to bed early last night as he didn’t really feel very well and we got up this morning to temps in the 50’s, mostly cloudy, damp, and 25 knots of wind. Yuk. We persevered anyway and after breakfast and waking up Neil went on a bike ride. After that he took some pictures of our campsite area. First is our new sign to hang on our flag pole. We have a nice painted sign on order but the artist is still designing it…and we needed the counterweight for our flag pole design anyway so he got the nameplate with our names and url.


Here is our site LA69 (the LA is for Lake) although saying this site is a lake site is a bit of as stretch. Here is the lake itself.


and when Neil turned 180º around and looked across the access road that parallels the lake you can look perpendicular to the lake down the street that site LA69 is situated on.


If you look really, really carefully starting at the white SUV immediately behind the red chair on the right…another 6 or 8 cars down the way you can see just the rear end of our blue Mazda poking out, it’s the 3rd car from the far end on the right side of the street. Beyond that across a field is Fruitville Road which is the main east/west drag that the park is on. Some lake view, huh?

Here is a picture of our site setup…nope, no lake view here either.


As you can see the sites are a bit close together (actually they’re a lot close together says Neil) and we backup to another row or RVs so we have absolutely no view of anything except other people’s living rooms and bike racks on the rear of the rig. I guess one doesn’t come to a resort park for the view.

The bar in the park (Boondock Poolside Bar and Grill) that we had a beer at yesterday is pretty noisy and has a fairly limited selection of food. There’s enough on the menu to have a snack but it didn’t look like it was really an eating kind of place. The pool, hot tub and exercise room area here are very nice based on seeing them during our tour up here a month or two ago although we haven’t used them yet since it’s too cool and windy to get out of a pool wet. Maybe it will warm up in a day or so.

Dinner tonight is going to be a NY Strip Steak; although Neil is thinking about making a steak salad out of it rather than a more typical steak and taters dinner. After that we’re off to the local concert hall (it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright design — and is purple, very strange) to hear a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (that’s the one with the Ode to Joy and chorus in the final movement, even if you don’t think you know Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony I can almost guarantee that you would recognize it you heard it). Connie found this a week or two back when looking for stuff to do here so we grabbed a couple of tickets.

Neil reorganized the back of BAT today (well, reorganized might be a little more extravagant of a description than what he actually did)…he just swapped the storage locations of our ladder and generator bin so that the ladder is on the curb side of the bed…he discovered yesterday that getting the handle for disengaging the hitch onto the lever that it attaches to is 99.64% impossible with the ladder where it was on the street side of the bed; hence the swap to make things easier next time.

Connie saw a squirrel climbing down the ladder of an adjacent rig this morning…this rig has the strangest ladder arrangement we’ve ever seen. It’s got the standard RV rooftop ladder but it stops about 8 feet off the ground with only the top half being there; it then has an 8 foot fiberglass step ladder lashed upside down to the fixed ladder and then there’s a 12 foot or so straight ladder leaning up against both of those down to the ground. Anyway; she was watching out the window and saw this squirrel jumping nice as you please from one step of the straight ladder to the next all the way down.

That’s about it for today, nothing new to report otherwise.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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