Another Beautiful Sunny Day

During which we didn’t do much of anything.

We headed off to Mass at St John’s up in Chiefland, Florida about 25 miles away. The people in this really small town church were friendly, the priest was a great speaker, and after mass we stopped by a local joint named BBQ Bill’s for breakfast. We picked it because as we were driving around town looking for breakfast after Mass we noticed it had a lot of cars in front…this almost always means it’s a good place in small towns. Sure enough…it was pretty good except for the bacon Connie had which was very heavily salted when it was cured.

After that we came home and pretty much just lazed away the afternoon. Connie took a nap since after we sprung forward last night she was kinda tired After she woke up we started talking about dinner while Neil made them a wine cooler. Dinner ended up being Fettucini ala Oleo and Lardons (that’s French for bacon and garlic). Here’s a picture of the ingredients after Neil got down chopping them…nice pile of garlic for two people he thought. That’s the garlic on the right and a shallot he added on the lower left.


After dinner we ran out to the pier to watch the sunset. Here’s Connie assuming the position.


And a couple of shots of the sun going down and then in the post sundown glow.



What a nice view…although a couple of clouds to make the sky colors bette would have been cool. Still though; it was about 70 degrees out on the pier with a nice breeze so it was pretty good.

Another rig pulled in next to us today; I’ll grab a picture of it tomorrow. This thing is really tiny; the young couple that owns it says it weighs only 900 pounds and they’re pulling it with a VW Jetta. The inside is just large floor space for a queen size mattress which covers the entire floor. On the front there are a couple cabinets to store clothes in (I guess they keep a suitcase in the trunk with more clothes), a small TV over the top of the dresser, and a kitchen that you have to get out and go around the back. It’s built kind of like the chuck wagon they used to use on cattle drives with a single burner stove, a few pots, and they have to cook everything outside. Way too small for us but they said it’s great for weekend and short trips to see places. We’re too used to our creature comforts to be able to fit into something that tiny though.

Tomorrow we’re going hiking again and Connie has a little work to do…Tuesday it’s supposed to rain so we’ll just stay around here and drink at the Tiki bar between showers I guess.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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