Slow Friday

Didn’t do too much yesterday. Connie spent the morning working…she’s really having issues with this particular class of phlebotomy students…she knows they’re largely still just brain dead teenagers but this group is asking more questions and doing more things they shouldn’t have been doing than most groups. While she was doing that Neil went on a run.

In the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach; we drove down and parked right where the park dumps out onto the main highway through town then walked 100 yards or so across the highway and dune protecting walkway. Connie was hesitant about leaving her shoes by the walkway until Neil pointed out the 500 other pairs of shoes also waiting there and asked her who would steal used shoes. After a nice walk a mile or so down the beach and back we headed home for a shower; then it was off to the Elks Lodge for the Friday evening fish fry. Neil had 1 piece of fish and 6 grilled shrimp today instead of 2 fish and Connie just 1 fish since she got full last time.

This morning will be laundry for Neil while Connie cleans up the house; then it’s off to Walmart for groceries in the afternoon. Dinner will be at Lulu’s and then tomorrow we’re going to have some bison steaks we bought the other day. Don’t know if they’ll be grilled or broiled yet; depends on the weather. After church in the morning we’ll do a lot of the packing up tomorrow afternoon so that we can just finish hitching and go Monday morning…we’ve got 320 miles to Duson, Louisiana on Monday and another 370 to Georgetown, Texas (outside Austin) on Tuesday. We’ll be in Georgetown for two weeks. Austin has a really great food and artsy scene so we imagine we’ll be checking some of that out as well as neighborhoods we might want to eventually settle down in.

We didn’t see anything worth photographing yesterday so here are another couple of shots from our visit to Bellingrath Gardens the other day; the stained glass window in the chapel and the view over Mirror Lake from behind the house.


GulfStateBellingrathMirrorLake 2

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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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