Concert and New Horizons RV Owners Group Rally

Man, time has slipped by on me…so let me catch you up on what happened the past couple of days; they have been pretty busy.

Saturday afternoon we packed up for our transit down to Kerville, TX; then we had the Saint Saëns Organ Symphony concert in Plano in the evening. For a small civic orchestra; the Plano Symphony was actually pretty good. The performance was in St Andrews United Methodist Church which had a huge organ with the pipes behind the sacristy area. We were sitting on the aisle about 10 or 15 rows back. Here’s a picture of the organ taken from our seat in the pew. Before the concert we had dinner at Roy’s nearby. Connie had Macadamia Encrusted Mahi Mahi and Neil had Poached Scallops with Corn Risotto. Both were quite yummy followed by a hot chocolate mousse cake thing for dessert…then it was off to the concert. The concert was great; the organ fit the acoustics of the hall extremely well and was well balanced with the orchestra. One of the better performances we have heard overall…much better than we expected.


Sunday morning we hitched up and headed off…306 miles later we pulled into Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, checked in, and got settled into site 6059. Here’s a picture of us; we’re parked next to another Majestic that has the same color scheme as we do. Funny though…on walking around there are probably a half dozen or more that look just like us. Most of them don’t have a matching pickup through; white seems to be pretty popular; although there is one a bit up with a heavy duty truck painted to match the dark color on the rig. It’s got a SmartCar storage place on the back of the truck as well so they just drive it up when they’re ready to roll. I’ll grab some pictures of the various rigs and trucks during the walk around tomorrow.


Before we even got unhitched (much less setup) we had 3 or 4 other New Horizons owners stop over to chat/welcome/kibitz…I realize that people are trying to be friendly and really do like talking to other RVers but it’s always struck us as funny that the folks already in the campground haven’t figured out that you have stuff to do right after arrival. I mean really, don’t they have to set things up on arrival just like we do. Maybe we’re just not smart enough yet. I dunno.

Anyway; we got setup, Neil got in a quick ride down Goat Creek Road past the ranches and 77 acre ‘estates’ in the area then it was pizza for dinner, TV, and bed. A bunch of rally folks were heading out for Chinese…but given our travel day Connie was pretty tired so we passed on it and ate our pepperoni pizza from Walmart.

Monday morning was Connie doing some work, Neil running, Neil kibitzing with other rally folks (no, not the ones trying to setup), and getting checked into the rally HQ. By that time it was happy hour so we had a brew then headed off to the BBQ (burgers and hotdogs) provided by the rally and the evening get together/welcome/introduction stuff. We also visited a bit with our friends Lyn and Ed from New Jersey who are here still checking out rigs for their purchase a year or so from now; and visited with Lee and Ken Marks. Lee and Ken have the rig that came off the production line right in front of ours and we’ve been chatting via email with them for months on various topics. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name.

Tuesday we start the rally sessions themselves; there are 2 morning and 2 afternoon sessions of about an hour and fifteen minutes each. Topics range from RVing in Alaska to Computers for RV Lifestyle (Neil’s giving that one) to How to Back and Park Your Rig. Essentially each presenter has some expertise in whatever area he’s talking about and most of the sessions are on topics that rally attendees asked to have. Sessions continue Wednesday then Thursday is a free day…but most of the rally attendees are going on a car/truck caravan to wineries. Road Trip!!

Sessions continue Friday with a final potluck dinner and wrap up Friday evening. We’re staying through the weekend; with a trip over to San Antonio for some fun stuff on Saturday; then Monday we’re off to Junction City for warranty work and some upgrades. I’ll make sure Neil takes some pictures of all that to put in the blog


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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