Nothing to Report

I can report that we have nothing to report for the past two days. We were going to go to the Audubon Society Preserve about 30 miles away yesterday…but Connie woke up with a headache and her sinuses hurt…so she just laid in the recliner most of the day. We ended up having a couple of pot pies for dinner…we’ve always been fans of Marie Calendar Brand but found a couple that were Corn Chowder Chicken Pot Pies in Walmart a couple weeks back; we ate these and they were even better than most of Marie’s offerings.

Today was a work day for Connie; she had some stuff left over that needed to be finished soon but ran out of hours and hence had to get it done today on the first day of the new pay period. By the time she was done it was 1615; Neil had gone on a ride, and he dumped the gray tank and did a little cleaning of our fan and air conditioning filters. Between that, laundry this morning, and listening to a couple of podcasts the day pretty much went by.

Tomorrow morning we’re headed off to Walmart for groceries (or maybe tonight depending on when we decide will have fewer people in the store) and we’ve gotta pack up to move tomorrow afternoon. In the evening we’re headed down to Plano for Mass (since we’ll be traveling Sunday), we’re having dinner at a steak place named Roy’s and then we’ve got a Saint Säens concert tomorrow evening. Then Sunday we’re off early to Kerville TX for a week for the New Horizons Rally. Then we’re off to Junction City, Kansas for our warranty repairs; we’ve got that all scheduled so hopefully all will go smoothly.

In the meantime; here’s a photo from one of our earlier hikes to keep you visually stimulated. It’s a pair of Snowy Egrets from our trip to Hagerman NWR. The bird stalks along in shallow water and in a different hunting sequence from a Great Egret (which stands very still until something swims close then it strikes quickly) it shuffles it’s gold feet along the bottom so that the bright color will flush prey from the bottom and then it grabs lunch.


We did discover that there are a total of 3 New Horizons RVs in this park; two others besides ourselves. We’ve seen a max of one in any other park and that not all too frequently. One is a 2010 Majestic but it’s white with no paint; the owners like to spend the summer in Northern Idaho and appreciate the little bit of extra heat gain the white gives them. The other one is a 32 footer or so and is maybe 10 years old. There is also a 53 foot fifth wheel with 8 slides in the park; it’s a custom Travel Unit and has a grand total of 2 windows that we could see. Must be like a tomb in there; somebody in the laundry told Neil today it’s a couple and two young girls. I imagine finding a place to park that behemoth is pretty challenging. 


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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