Arrived in Acheson, Alberta

Well, we’ve safely arrived in Acheson, Alberta (outside of Edmonton) after a two day drive up from Great Falls. Yesterday was a nice drive; it was actually pretty easy getting across the border in stark contrast to our previous trips to Canada. Once here we made our way to Okotok just south of Calgary and stopped at a Lions Club park for the night. They warned us that the campground was under an evacuation advisory due to the likelihood that the river would flood due to spring snow melt…but that they didn’t think anything would happen until Friday or Saturday. So we parked, went out and had a beer and burger for dinner and hit the sack. Got up early this morning and it was pouring rain. Didn’t look like the river had risen any over night but Neil put on his sandals, a pair of gym shorts, and a Goretex rain jacket and got the outside ready to roll. Once that was done we pulled in the slides and hit the road.

Five hours of driving in pouring rain later we got here to Acheson and are in site 158 here at the Glowing Embers RV Resort. It isn’t much of a resort; dirt/gravel sites, crappy internet so far…but at least the people are friendly.

We bought a prepaid cell phone last night…will get it set up tomorrow so we’ll have a way to contact family in the event of an emergency. Baked a pizza we got from Walmart the other day for dinner and that was about it.

Connie’s got some work to get done tomorrow and then we’ll figure out what to do fun…but it’s supposed to be rainy all week while we are here so I’m not terribly encouraged that we’ll be able to do anything. We really only came for the Saint Saëns concert anyway.

Neil got a picture of our campsite; I’ll try posting it tomorrow when we find some better internet or if the park wifi improves.

Edited Thursday morning at the Spring Grove Library. Here’s our wet campsite from yesterday afternoon.

IMG 0989


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  1. Mj Trainor says:

    YAY!! Enjoy!!

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