A Beautiful Day in Graham WA

Today was a really, really nice day. Nice cool temps, low humidity and only a few puffy clouds floating by. Neil spotted a nice shot of Mount Ranier so he hopped outside and took a couple. First; setting the stage with a wide shot of the campground , forest, and mountain in the distance taken from just behind the house. Each row in the campground sits about 20 feet lower than the one above so there’s a view from pretty much every site. 

DSC 9310

Next he zoomed in a bit and took some frames that he then post processed. First up is a shot pretty much straight out of the Nikon D7000 with just a light crop and standard auto smart fix applied. The second and third shots are both HDR processed; you can see how the mood, colors, and focal points of a shot can be changed by varying the HDR processing parameters. The first one looks pretty close to what his eye saw. You can see how the foreground tree colors and highlights are brought out by the HDR technique. Next time I do this I’ll get him to choose a couple of the really wild presets so you can see the limits of what the technique can do. You can take a raw image taken on a beautiful sunny day like today and turn it into a really stormy, windy version. Neil prefers not to overdo the effect though; you usually get a more natural looking picture by just enhancing the image rather than trying to recreate an entirely different scene. He can’t decide whether he likes the second or third final image better but thinks he’s leaning toward the third one. What do ya’ll readers think?

DSC 9306

DSC 9307

DSC 9307  1

We’re grilling for dinner; grilled corn, burgers, and Connie’s going to make a salad to go with it. Too bad there isn’t a Red Hot and Blue BBQ franchise up here…some of their potato salad would really be good but we’re afraid to try other places because we’ve never found potato salad anywhere else that was worth eating. Maybe some peach pie for dessert; we’ve got a frozen one in the freezer.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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5 Responses to A Beautiful Day in Graham WA

  1. ronlaubenthal says:

    the one in the middle…

    • Gunther says:

      Hmmm, I think the middle one is a little better in the mountain area but the trees are a little greener with more highlights in the last one. I could composite them together if I really wanted to but am not sure it’s worth the work (about 15 minutes with Photoshop). You’re not allowed to do that if submitting to a contest of course but it would be OK for a blog post. There is a whole philosophical argument amongst photographers regarding whether photo manipulation is cheating and/or how much you can do before it becomes cheating. I’ve never really tout it was worth arguing about, my goal is to have nice pictures and sometimes that means you have to erase a tourist or three.

  2. Beautiful shots of Rainier.

  3. Daughter Person says:

    I like the middle one. I even like the green of those trees better.

    • Gunther says:

      My brother Ron liked that one better as well; and it’s growing on me. I used almost the same set of processing presets on the ones I posted for Columbia River Gorge Take 2.

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