Transit to Amarillo TX

Just a short post today as not much is going on. Yesterday morning we got up about 0530, got all hitched up and ready to leave, stopped by the breakfast nook at American RV Campground for breakfast then hit the road for our 298 mile trip (297 of them on I-40) to Amarillo TX. We stopped for some fuel and gas and then again for lunch at a Subway and then just drove and drove across a whole bunch of nuttin’. I gotta tell you; eastern NM and western TX are pretty bleak. We ran into a dust storm for awhile just into TX and then discovered that the old saying about everything being bigger in TX is true…including the A-holes. There we are going down the road once we were into Amarillo…Connie in front of BAT and we’re driving in the middle lane of 3 to keep away from the exiting and entering traffic…traveling about 59 in a 60 zone so we weren’t poking along. This jerk in a Corvette going at least 20 miles over the limit passes me on the left, cuts into the center lane ahead of me then cuts to the far right hand lane around Connie…missing her bumper by less than 10 feet; scared the heck out of her. 

We overcame and continued on to Amarillo Ranch RV park right of off I-40. Got all set up in site 137 which is huge. Take a look at the amount of space we have on our passenger side and we’re at least 5 feet away from the power pedestal on the drivers side whereas we’re usually about 2 or 3. They’re pull in sites on gravel but it’s really hard to guess where to park as it looks more like a field of gravel with a bunch of RV hookup pedestals sticking up in it. We ain’t complainin’ though…easy in and easy out.

IMG 1115

For dinner we went out to the Great Texan Steakhouse about a mile or so down the road and had beers and a couple of pretty decent steaks. We passed up on their 72 oz steak which is free if you eat it and all the side fixin’s in an hour…the record is 8 minutes and 52 seconds by Joey Chestnut who is the guy that’s won the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating contest at Coney Island on the Fourth of July the past couple of years. We did meet a nice couple that were headed for Albuquerque and then Los Vegas and another nice couple that we swapped tips with…they were headed for Albuquerque as well so we sent them to the Effing Bar and Grill we ate at the other night and they recommended the Sly Mongoose Bar in Maui Hawaii for our eventual trip out that way again. We ate all of our steaks but brought Neil’s baked sweet tater and half of Connie’s baked tater home to go with some sautéed pork tenderloin for tonight’s dinner.

Tomorrow we’re off to Dodge City KS for the night then on to Junction City. Once our work is done we’ve changed our minds based on talking to a fellow New Horizons owner in Albuquerque the day before yesterday and are going to Branson MO instead of St. Louis…we’ll take in a show or two there before heading on to Nashville, Auburn (gotta eat at Country’s BBQ on the way through) and then down to Cedar Key. Exact days and plan are TBD until we know when we’re leaving Junction City.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Hug Marshall “Matthew” Dillon, Miss Kitty, and Festus from Baby Sis!

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