And We’re Parked at Camp Horizons

We’ve safely arrived at Camp Horizons in Junction CIty KS where we are parked in front of Service Bay #2. We left Amarillo yesterday morning and had a really bad day transiting. We needed fuel before we left and had to get this E19 diesel which is 19% alcohol. After doing this we discovered that this stuff really kills the fuel mileage and also hoses up the computer in BAT so that the miles remaining is all screwed up. We were going 10 miles by odometer and miles remaining would go down by 14 or 15. Then our steps blew open not once, not twice, but three times in the wind…that never happened before. Luckily they don’t blow open enough to drag and Neil bungee corded them up for the duration of the day.

245 miles later we arrived in Dodge City KS and pulled into the Gunsmoke Trav-l RV Park. Our initial impression on pulling in to the check in area was “yuck, what a dive…but we’re only going to be here one night so no worries”. Luckily it turned out  that the 8 or10 sites right up by the office were divey but around the back, past the trees and through the woods a bit was the nicer section of the park and it was very nice. We had a nice pull through so didn’t unhitch…in fact Neil didn’t even let the air out of the bags on the air hitch…we just put the jacks down. Usually we only put down the front ones if we’re remaining hitched but it was so windy the house was rocking so we stuck the rear ones down to stabilize us.

 We headed out to the Central Station Bar and Grill for dinner…this turned out to be a restaurant where you could eat in the bar rather than a bar with a little bar food. Neil had a Central Station steak with their signature sauce and Connie had the best tacos we’ve ever had…Neil wishes he had ordered them as well as it was his other idea besides the steak…first because it actually tasted better and second because we would have had room for the Triple Chocolate Cake for dessert in that case. He had a loaded baked tater too but only had a couple bites and we brought the rest home with us…it’s going to get cut up and mixed with a can of Golden Mushroom soup for dinner tonight along with some Garlic Bread made out of an Artisian loaf we got this afternoon from the Dillons. Talk about a yummy dinner…that was the best we’ve had in a while and we had a great time talking to the two young lady bartenders and the Marine sitting next to us.

We got up this morning, had some oatmeal and hit the road shortly before 0900…210 miles later we pulled into Camp Horizons are are parked in front of the service bays. We’ll go and see Ken Ulmer in the morning and figure out when our work will get started. Neil has to run up to the Army base and see if he can get a final X-ray on his broken foot, Tuesday we’ve got an appointment to get BAT serviced (oil, etc) and we’ll hit the road as soon as our work is finished. Our next firm stop is in Cedar Key FL on the 25th; but that’s 19 days from now and while we’ve got our route plotted out we have to sort out days at each place…but we can’t do that until we know when we’re leaving. Here’s a shot of the views from Camp Horizons.

IMG 1117

The main office and factory is out of view to the left of the service building…we’ve got water and power but no sewer…so if we need dumping we’ll have to hitch up and pull around to the dump station behind the service building…but we should be OK without dumping as long as we’re out of here by the end of the week…and we’ll dump on the way out.

Here’s a 360 degree panorama that I shot a couple weeks back when we were in Arches National Park; this was taken about halfway out to the long arch named Landscape Arch. I can’t figure out how to make it show directly on the post so just right click the link to open in a new window. Click and rotate in the image to make it spin around; if you use the little direction icon in the upper left to look northwest where you can see the trail and the bush to the right of the trail Landscape Arch is visible just to the left of the tree next to the trail. I meant to post this from my phone (it’s a phone app that takes the picture) back when we were in Moab but forgot. Sorry about that. It will give you something a little cooler to look at than pictures of service bay.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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