A Busy Week at the RV-Dreams Rally

We’ve had quite a busy week here at the RV-Dreams Spring Rally. RV-Dreams is run by our friends Howard and Linda Payne…he’s an accountant and lawyer and they jointly owned a title business back in Louisville. Back in 2004 they decided to chuck the rat race at age 41, sell the house, buy an RV and hit the road for full time living…knowing they would have to work on the road. They have a variety of businesses that they run…almost all are RV related…and they are celebrating the completion of their 9th year on the road this month.

We’ve been getting up real early for the rally seminars…we’ve learned the odd thing or two but mostly are here at the rally to see RVing friends and to help pass along what we’ve learned from our 2 years of full time living in the rig. Howard and Linda have one perspective but we think there’s value added for potential new full timers to learn about some of the different ways that people live the lifestyle. 

Neil did manage to get out and grab a few photos yesterday when the weather was nice…first up is a nice fat robin with some lunch. It lives in the tree right behind our rig.

DSC 3602

We back up to the Little Pigeon River (which runs through the center of Pigeon Forge which is where Dolly Parton lives…it’s the next wide spot down the road from Sevierville). Across the other bank he spotted this turtle on the log catching some rays.

DSC 3606

Finally…here’s a shot from the bank of the river looking back towards the house and then from the house toward the river…it’s probably 25 yards tops down to the bank.

DSC 3614

DSC 3615

That’s about it. We finished up our last seminars this morning and have a Kentucky Derby end of the rally dinner and party this evening followed by a catered breakfast in the morning before everybody hits the road. We’re staying through Tuesday morning when we’ll be off to our next destination at Dale Hollow Lake State Park a couple hundred miles from here.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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