Travel Day to Dale Hollow State Resort Park, Burkesville, KY

Well, after the rally was over on Sunday morning with the final breakfast and talks…we headed off to Mass then went over to Neil’s sister MJ’s house to visit and a trip out to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. That all went pretty well…but as the afternoon and early evening wore on Neil started to get some post nasal drip and sore throat so we headed home and to bed pretty early.

By Monday morning he had developed into a full blown cold and felt really lousy…throat, achy, and sniffles. Nonetheless…he soldiered on and got the outside stuff packed up while Connie worked on Monday and we got up again early Tuesday morning for our travel day. By the time we got finished packing, hitching and were ready to go it was almost 1000 and we headed out for our 200 mile drive from Sevierville TN to Burkesville KY. We headed about 120 miles west on I-40 then got off on a pretty nice four lane highway for most of the way to the park. Right across the border into Kentucky it went down to a decent 2 lane road which turned into the twisty, turny, hilly state park road the last 5 miles or so.

We got here…checked in…and got situated nicely in our site G-002 in the full hookup portion of the campground…and I gotta tell you this is a very, very nice park. It’s a little pricey for a state park at $201 for a weeks stay but although the sites aren’t super large they are situated around small circles with 6 or 8 sites on each one and the circles are several hundred yards apart.

The only drawback to the travel and setup day was Neil’s cold…he was pretty beat by the time we arrived shortly after 1300 Central Time (we’re almost on the time zone line here and our phones still think they’re in the Eastern Time Zone). Given his feeling poorly…we just did the minimum utilities and underneath lights last night then had a pizza for dinner and were early to bed. After a really good night’s sleep…we slept in this morning and while he’s not back to normal he does feel better than he did yesterday.

So this morning he got up and finished the site setup…flag pole, awning, sign and outside zero gravity recliners so we are all set up at this point. Connie’s working and Neil typed this out on our concrete patio in the recliner.

He did get a couple of nice shots of the area; first is our site G002, the second one is looking across the G circle we are located on, and the third is looking out from our patio. You can’t really tell it but there’s a road up the top of that hill. Our rear window view is of a nice pine tree grouping that hides all of the road. He drove around this morning and the entire park of about 100 spaces or so has a total of 5 RVs parked in it. Our closest neighbor is about 300 yards away across the left top of the hill in the third photo.

IMG 1298

IMG 1299

IMG 1300

He’s still feeling pretty poorly today…although it’s a lot better than yesterday…so we’re just staying around home. Connie has some Fun Stuff© the rest of the week and we’re leaving here next Tuesday morning for a 100 mile transit to our next stop…we’re headed Northeast away from Junction City but have 6 weeks or so to meander and arrive in Kansas on June 11 for our Ireland vacation trip.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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3 Responses to Travel Day to Dale Hollow State Resort Park, Burkesville, KY

  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Just beautimous!!! Was to great to see y’all!

  2. Mj Trainor says:

    Oh, and I hope you like the new cupholder clipon tables for your ZG chairs!!!

    • Gunther says:

      They’re excellent…tried them out here in Burkesville at Dale Hollow State Park…this is the nicest state park we’ve ever stayed at and is superb for just chill in’ out.

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