Travel Day to Boonesborough KY

Well, for being a short travel day yesterday it turned out to be pretty hectic. Our plan was to leave about 1100 for the 150 mile trip so to that end we had coffee and got started with the process about 0825 or so. It woulda been easy but Neil rolled his right ankle stepping in a hole and sprained it pretty bad. I will get a picture later and show y’all…but it’s turning all sorts of pretty colors today. After he recovered from that we did get finished up and rolled out just about on time. I gotta tell ya though…Kentucky has way more than it’s share of skinny roads and we went on most of them yesterday. Got routed through a couple of neighborhoods due to truck restrictions. But we bore on and eventually got here to Fort Boonesborough State Park where we are in site 18 for a week. Didn’t get a picture yesterday but Neil will hobble around and get one for ya later. We got utilities setup and blew off the rest until his ankle feels better and after a shower headed to the nearest bar for dinner…that turned out to be the Waterside Bar and Grill right on the Kentucky river. Our kinda place; we had a couple of brewskis and some shrimp and loaded tater skins. Came home and collapsed in the recliners until bedtime. Today Connie worked…she needs one more site for an auto core rotation for a student and hasn’t found one yet. Neil wrapped his ankle with an Ace bandage and drove down to wash clothes as our hamper was getting full. We are headed off for some groceries and wine a bit later and then are having panko coated pork tenderloin for dinner. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be rainy and in the 50s but after that the weather is forecast to be pretty nice and we will get to some Fun Stuff©.

Edited later…I snagged some photos of Neil’s ankle; notice how nice and purple it’s getting and the right one is pretty swollen. I also sent him out to get a shot of our campsite #18…but got him to take it from a different angle from what he normally does.

IMG 1301

IMG 1302

IMG 1303

IMG 1306


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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4 Responses to Travel Day to Boonesborough KY

  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Dude! Hope you got an xray? That’s mighty purdy swelling/bruising!! 😦 Lemme know!

    • Gunther says:

      Nah, my ex rayer is broke. Decided it wasn’t broke and it’s only moderately sore so will just wrap and ice it. I can walk on it ok so it ain’t broke…I’ve sprained that ankle a couple times before running and it’s always been weaker than it shoulda been.

  2. ronlaubenthal says:

    yer right ankle looks ‘zackly like my left ankle (after I fell last week) – ice bro, ice !!! I’m inclined ta think (scary thought) that my left is weaker than my right – it seems like dat’s the one dat always rolls over on me… we got my fall on camera though, put music to it this morning at work – went with the old benny hill theme – if work ever sends me a copy i’ll forward it – it’s hilarious (but not at the time) – I bounced off the concrete like a lopsided basketball that wuz low on air… I’m still walkin so I don’t reckon my leg’s broke, jus’ sore as hell… wait til you break a toe – (yeah, couple years ago, kicked a shut door in the dark) – middle toe, right foot – sucker rolled over to the right, front half turned left – kinda reminds me of Cheetah – I might could hang in a tree with it (no I ain’t tryin’…) lets just hope we both don’t end up walkin’ like fred Sanford…

    p.s. – is boonesboro (?) the home of the “d boon cilled a bar” tree ??? I’ve heard of it, never seen a foto – that would be way cool… miss yall, much love.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Oh yeah…ice is doing the trick for the ankle. It’s way more purple today, I’ll grab another shot of it and put up tomorrow for ya’ll to be amazed at!

      Yeah…it’s that Boone…although he was actually born in Pennsylvania. Boonesborough is the city that grew up around the original settlement he founded in Kentucky…that was Fort Boonesborough which is on the Kentucky River just around the corner from the park; we’re headed over to see it sometime over the weekend I believe; although as far as I know it’s just a recreation and nothing is left of the original settlement.

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