Travel Day to Bardstown KY and Neil’s Birthday

Tuesday morning we knew we didn’t need all that expeditious of a start since we only had a 90 mile transit…so we had coffee and breakfast and lazed around before finally getting up and getting started with travel preparations around 0900. We got everything packed up inside and outside along with dumping tanks…after that we stopped for an early lunch then finished slides, utilities, and hitching up and then hit the road right about 1200. We had enough fuel and a short enough transit that no stops were required and we rolled into Bardstown, KY…a pretty nice little town…right about 1400 and arrived at White Acres Campground on the western side of town. The office was closed but we followed the instructions to pick a site and pay later…and after a quick campground tour in the Mazda settled on site 4. Neil got backed into the site perfectly the first try…he’s getting pretty good at this RV backing thing ya know…it’s a nice gravel site and we offset ourselves to the side that was more level. While starting our setup the owner arrived…the first thing he did was gripe about the heavy packages we got mailed here since he was 80something and had 2 replacement hips and a bad back. We apologized about the weight but let him know that his wife Doris did say they would be happy to have our Amazon packages delivered. The only one that was heavy was our Tempur-Pedic 2” thick mattress topper…we’re still not satisfied with our mattress and decided that before we spent most of 2 grand on a Sleep Number mattress we would give the $125 memory foam topper a try. That box probably weighed 40 pounds so Neil didn’t really think it was heavy…but then he doesn’t have two hip replacements and a bad back so maybe heavy is in the mind o the beholder.

Anyhoo…Neil went up and paid our $210 for the week and then we got setup. As I said; the sites are gravel but pretty widely spaced in what obviously used to be a farm…as you can see from the barn in the background of the first picture below. He went ahead and hooked up our new sewer connection thingey (it’s a technical RV term)…essentially it’s a 45 degree clear elbow (so you can check the status of the dump flow) connected to a second dump valve that gives you the ability to isolate the tank contents from the hose opening by 2 valves instead of just 1…that makes the submariner in him much happier having both a hull and a backup valve between the poo (as Mike Rowe would call it) and the Neil. That contraption just stays on  the dump outlet all the time and then the sewer hose hooks up to it. 

Here’s a couple of pictures of our site…I added a close up of our hot air balloon wind spinner for Neil’s sister since she wanted one.

IMG 1313

IMG 1317

IMG 1318

After that we ran out and got a couple of groceries from Walmart along with a pizza for dinner.

We got up this morning and are spending it working on campsites for the time between our return from Ireland on July 7 and the New Horizons Rally in September. So far we’ve locked in most of our sites and hope to finish up the rest of them today…but she does have to stop and do a little work sometime.

Today is Neil’s birthday…don’t know what Connie has in mind…she’s picked out a dinner and he hopes she has slinky and lacy in mind…if ya know what I mean. I’ll report on their dinner in my next post as well as how the memory foam topper works…they didn’t sleep on it last night as it’s supposed to expand for 24 hours before being used.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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