And Connie Thought The Train Trip Was Bad

Little did she know that the train trip was just the harbinger of Bad Stuff© to come.

She originally was supposed to leave at 0200 Monday morning and arrive there about 1600. She actually left at 0630 and didn’t get to her hotel room until after 0130 Tuesday morning. Nonetheless…she slept late, had lunch at the hotel restaurant, had an evening meeting with food catered by the hotel restaurant and got back to her room about 2030 or so.

By 2330 she was throwing her guts up continually and by 0300 the hotel had called an ambulance to take her to the emergency room for treatment…she was getting dehydrated pretty seriously by that point. She had called Neil and based on her symptoms they were both pretty sure she had staph food poisoning…which won’t kill you but will make you wish you were dead.

She sat in the ER waiting area puking into a bucket until about 0630 when they finally took her back…stuck an IV in her to rehydrate her systems and got her some nausea medication. After telling the doctor about her history of diverticulitis he decided to do a CAT scan to make sure that nothing was amiss with her lower GI tract…so she got to drink another liter of contrast solution for the scan. Once the scan was done (later review showed it was pretty much normal but they’re doing some cultures to verify)…she discovered that the contrast solution side effect was to make the other end start running (she had mostly stopped throwing up by this point).

So she sat in the ER until about 1600 alternating ends in the bathroom and they decided that it was most likely food poisoning but wanted to keep her overnight for observation…and moved her into a separate room but still attached to the ER vice the normal hospital admission system.

She had an OK night getting a little sleep between trips to the facilities and is feeling a lot better today. However, they’re keeping her for observation a second night since she hasn’t had any solid food yet (got some mashed taters and pureed fruit this afternoon…so far so good) and is still having a little lower GI distress; although that appears to be slowing to a stop now. That will also let the culture results get back in the morning.

She’s hopeful to get released tomorrow morning and then will have to figure out what to do…finish the last day of the convention, stay in the hotel room and come home Saturday as scheduled, or try to reschedule her ticket for Friday afternoon and come home then instead. She’s going to wait until tomorrow and see how she feels as well as whether she even has a possibility of making the Friday train.

Neil’s been providing moral support for her over the phone and she’s glad she’s at least got people around her to wait on her instead of being in the hotel by herself.

Meanwhile…Neil’s holding down the fort here in Barnesville…although today he did go up and hit the Fargo Aviation Museum (it was OK but not spectacular considering they’ve been to both the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Udvar-Hazy Aviation Museum in the Washington DC area. After that he got meat from Costco and stopped by Home Depot for a few things we need.

A few shots from the museum along with some explanation on what they are.

An ON-1 Forward Aircraft Controller (FAC) aircraft from the Vietnam War. Designed in the late 1940s and almost unarmed…these light planes dove onto Viet Cong targets at their top speed of maybe 150 miles an hour and marked them with smoke for the jet fighter bombers coming in behind them. 

DSC 7310

A Velocity 4 seat canard type pusher engine experimental aircraft. This was hand built by a 3M employee.

DSC 7312

A WWII aerial torpedo and trainer in the foreground…the left background is a half scale flyable version of the German FW-109 fighter. Even at twice this size it still wasn’t a very big aircraft.

DSC 7314

The crew pilot and passenger area of a Piper Cub…the whole plane weighs like 900 pounds and flies at about 100 miles an hour top speed. 

DSC 7318

The pilot seat of a UH-1 Huey…the workhouse helo of the Vietnam War. Nothing fancy but these things were incredibly durable aircraft.

DSC 7319

That’s about it. After this tour (an hour maybe) and a couple of errand stops Neil went home and had a few chores around the house he took care of…in between several moral support calls to Connie.


Added Friday morning…she was released from the hospital this morning and is headed back to the convention hoping to catch a couple of educational sessions this afternoon before heading back to Barnesville tomorrow.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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