Another Really Bad Week Around the RV

Well, things went from worse to worst after Connie got back on Sunday morning. Somehow she infected (we think) Neil with her disease. The first thing he knew about it was Monday evening when he was outside dumping tanks for our planned departure from Barnesville last Tuesday morning. He started feeling bad and by 2100 was throwing up just like she was. Fortunately he only did it 4 times and that part of it was done by about 0130 Tuesday morning. He didn’t get much sleep but seemed to be a little more normal by Tuesday morning so we made the decision to stay an additional day before leaving Barnesville.

That seemed like a good idea until the other end started later on Tuesday afternoon and he still felt bad Wednesday morning. At that point we decided to stay 2 more additional days in Barnesville and leave Friday morning. He felt pretty decent and the illness was mostly gone by Thursday morning but we went ahead and stayed anyway…good thing we did as he felt bad off and on until late afternoon on Thursday.

Friday morning he felt pretty decent although still a bit weak so after some breakfast we got packed up and on the road by about 1000 or so for our 240 mile drive over to South Range, WI which is jut across the border from Duluth, MN…well actually Superior, WI is just across the border and South Range is next to Superior but ya know what I mean.

Anyway…we got here and got a nice full hookup back in site 39 here at the Northland Camping and RV Campground in South Range. The sites are a bit narrow but we got backed in first time perfectly and did the minimum amount of setup yesterday. We went out and had some dinner at a local place (packed, really good food although nothing really tasted very good to him last night).

Today we both felt a little tuckered out from the illness…Connie has continued to feel bad off and on…but after lunch we felt well enough to head over to the Apostle Islands National Seashore. This is a series of 22 small islands in “the big lake they call Gichigami” (Lake Superior for us English speakers). They islands were occupied by the Ojibwe Indians…and I know, I know…you’ve all heard the Gordon Lightfoot song but Chippewa is the English name of the tribe that called themselves the Ojibwe and yes, it’s -ami, not -umi like it sounds like in the song.

Anyway…we had a nice drive over there and hauled along our folding camp chairs…so we just sat on the beach at Sandy Bay for awhile then drove back home. Stopped and got some ice cream on the way back for snack as we were hungry. 

Once we got back to the house we had leftover Bacon Mac and Cheese from Connie’s dinner last night…the bowl they gave her was huge and she ate as much as she wanted last night and there was still enough for both of them for dinner tonight. Neil’s dinner was grilled shrimp which he thought would be pretty mild but they were over seasoned so he couldn’t eat all of them last night. He did eat all of the potato panakes that came as a side dish and they were really good. The Bacon Mac and Cheese leftovers were also really good for dinner tonight.

Don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow and Monday…might go some place if we feel OK and it doesn’t rain but we won’t do anything too strenuous. Connie has some work she needs to do and we’ll go ahead and make our scheduled move over to Ontonagon, MI on Tuesday unless we have a total relapse. Hopefully by then we’ll be completely back to normal and can do some more Fun Stuff©.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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5 Responses to Another Really Bad Week Around the RV

  1. seamus says:

    sounds like da 24 hour bug to me – immodium or bonine may help with the queasies a bit, try to eat light and bland fer a day or two, lemme know how yall is…

    ps – try the bonine – its good stuff…
    pps – didn’t know minnesota knew what a shrimp wuz – hope dey kep ’em fresh…

    • Gunther says:

      Yeah…the shrimp were pretty good but on further review were a bit spicy for me that night…I shoulda had something milder instead.

  2. ronlaubenthal says:

    BREAKING NEWS !!! seamus banned from the internet !!! (film at 11…)

    hi gang, hope yall’re on the mend – bonine mite help with the queasies – mite not hurt ta eat bland fer a day or two – keep us posted, wanna make sure yall is ok…

  3. ronlaubenthal says:

    dat seamus feller wrote sumpin las’ nite, taday it wuz disappeared – thought mebbe da cia wuz watchin’… dunno where it went, but it came back… there is joy in whoville once agin – seamus shall return… glad yall are better though, dat would be one helluva ride… yall know ’bout bonine right? works really good fer me when i get the queasies, seems to settle my belly down rite nicely – no prune effect, won’t bind ya up neither… twas progly me what boo-booed last nite – remember the kid on the phone tellin’ grampaw “that button”? – that would be me. i got buttons on here the kids tell me “don’t ever touch that one”, but you know how well i listen… anyways, yall get well + be good – have a cold one fer me when yer able…

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