Finally We’re All Feeling Better

Oh, what a relief it is. Yeah…after almost two weeks of us feeling poorly today we actually are pretty much back to normal.

So; after breakfast Connie worked until about 1400…she had a lot of niggly little details piled up that she had to take care of. While she was doing that…Neil replaced a couple of our floor lights that were bad, paid some bills, scanned some paperwork into our files, and made lunch. Once that was all over…we decided that it was time for Fun Stuff©…and all that entails.

We headed out and after a quick stop at a nearby mailbox to send out some work related mail and another quick stop at the Duluth Library for some amazingly fast Internet…we headed out to our destination for the day. It wasn’t much of a destination as it was just a historical marker but here it is…Fon du Lac, Minnesota.

DSC 7325

So…as you can see from the above monument dedication…Fon du Lac Minnesota was founded by Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Luth in 1679 and was also the location of a fur trading company post in 1817…and most importantly it was the spot of the first Ojibwa Indian treaty in 1826.

Surely you understand the importance of that last piece of history, don’t you?

Hmmm…I see many puzzled looks on your faces so allow me to explain. In 1826 the first treaty between the Ojibwe (or Chippawa) Indians and the white man was signed at this location in Wisconsin. The treaty was negotiated by Governor William Cass of the Michigan Territory and Colonel Thomas  L. McKinney who was the first head of the US Indian Department. While you may have never heard of either of these two gentleman or their treaty…it’s important to the Laubenthal family history as the interpreter for the expedition was none other than Henry Connor…who just happens to be Neil’s fourth great grand uncle. So…I guess means that he’s famous (or something like that).

We also got a shot of the St. Louis River next to the historical marker…the trading post was located on the banks of this river.

DSC 7327

It was raining pretty hard off and on so we didn’t stay long…and instead headed off to our second destination for the day…the Anchor Bar and Grill in Superior Wisconsin just about 10 miles from our campground. This is a burger joint that was featured a year or so ago on Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive-ins and Dives show on the Food Network…and since we knew we were coming this way we put it on our list.

Here’s a shot of our beers…look at the size of these things.


After we had a couple more sips out of them than you see above we ordered a couple of burgers…which are the house specialty. Neil had a bacon cheeseburger and Connie had a cashew cheeseburger. Both were excellent and the total bill for the beers and burgers was only $16.75…good thing since we didn’t have much cash and the sign on the door said “As of 1977 we are no longer accepting credit cards.” The joint opened in 1977 and has never taken credit cards.

The beer was cold…the burgers were outstanding…and our tummies feel good so it was a great early dinner and happy hour. Afterwards we came home and have no plans for the evening other than TV and bed.

Tomorrow we’re off to Ontonagon MI for a week.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Finally We’re All Feeling Better

  1. cindy says:

    So very interesting! So enjoy your postings. Its funny on how many places you have crossed our path from our earlier travels. Our county is amazing…if only it could stay this way.

    • Gunther says:

      Ah…she’s a grand old country and will surely survive our difficulties…neither Republican or Democrat lunacies will be able to topple us from being the greatest country in the world. Glad we’ve seen a lot of cool places on our way…and if we’ve duplicated some of your paths then all the better.

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