NHOG Rally

Well, we’ve been pretty busy since our arrival but it was almost either Connie work, rally stuff, or working on maintenance items with other New Horizons owners and friends so here goes.

First off…just what the heck is an Amana Colonies anyway…and why is it the Amana Colonies instead of the singular Amana Colony? I’m sure that everybody has heard of the Amana Radarange which was the first commercially available microwave oven and later the Amana Appliance company branched out into stoves, washers, dryers and other stuff…and I’m relatively sure that most of you have at least heard of the Amana Colonies but have little idea of what they are.

The Amana Colonies are/were a long lived communal society that started back in 1714 in Germany with a couple of gentlemen that founded a religion known as the Community of True Inspiration and later became known as Inspirationists. After a long period of persecution and economic depression in Germany the group left Germany in 1843-1844 and originally purchased 5000 acres near Buffalo NY and established a community called the Ebenezer Society. Things didn’t work out so well for them size wise as the community grew so after some researched the group purchased property in Iowa and the community relocated in 1855 establishing the colony of Amana. The colony was a communal living group with no money used except for outside economic activity…internally the colony produced wool, calico and agricultural products. Over the next couple of dozen years the original colony of Amana was outgrown so six additional villages were established…each specializing in one type of economic activity but all contributing to the whole. By 1861 the 7 villages of Amana, South Amana, East Amana, West Amana, Middle Amana, High Amana, and Homestead were all established and all 7 became known as the Amana Colonies run in toto by the Amana Colonies Board of Trustees for the benefit of all residents. This lifestyle persisted until the 1920s when the young folk started to move out due to wanting to have money and the things it bought. In 1932 the Colonies set aside the communal way of life, renamed themselves to the Amana Society and transitioned to a large group of both privately owned and Society owned businesses that continues to the present day. The Amana Church was maintained and is still an active Christian sect in this area.

After our arrival Friday we got setup and then went out with a large group of pre-rally arrivals (about 14 of us total) to P.H.A.T. Daddy’s…a local restaurant that happened to be catering the rally as well. After a great evening of brews, dinner, and talk we got home about 2200 and went almost immediately to bed.

Saturday we did some important work (afternoon naps) and then a campfire outside of our rig for all the pre-rally arrivals. There were a total of about 20 or so of us here by the evening and a great time was had by all. In fact; it was so good that after Mass and another nap on Sunday we repeated the experience. Both nights we finally called it a night about 2200-2300.

Monday Connie worked and Neil did laundry then worked with our friend Bill Napier. He had an issue with his batwing TV antenna not turning and after a couple of hours of troubleshooting we narrowed the problem down pretty well and he talked to the folks at the Wineguard factory who shipped him a part that arrived Wednesday afternoon. In the evening the rally kicked of with a BBQ and introductions followed by social hour.

Tuesday and Wednesday were taken up with seminars on various topics during the day and nice catered meals in the evening…sandwiched around Happy Hour and some showing of pictures from various great places the rally participants had been. Tuesday’s dinner was roast beef and cooked to order pasta was on tap for Wednesday. All was outstanding.

Thursday was another work day for Connie in the morning while Neil and Bill installed a new antenna that had arrived the day before. That took until around 1300. After that Neil and Connie went on the audio driving tour around the 7 Amana Colonies. Following that it was another 14 or so people gaggle out for dinner; this time at the Ox Yoke Inn. This is a mostly German food restaurant and most of us had Schnitzel of some variety. After that it was back to the park for more Great Places then bed.

Friday (today) was more seminars with a pot luck dinner scheduled for this evening along with the end of the rally. After that we’re off early Saturday morning over to Rockford, IL about 200 miles away. After a brief setup we’ll change clothes and head another 75 miles back to Madison WI for a Saint Saëns concert and return afterwards to the house. Sunday’s a rest day then Monday we’re off to Elkhart IN to get our MorRYDE suspension and Dexter brakes inspected, lubed, and whatever else is needed.

Neil took a couple of shots at the campfire…these are from Saturday night.


Also thought I would toss in another funny.

Doing it Wrong

And this next one will need a bit of an explanation. It’s about the Oxford comma (or lack thereof). When you’re writing something and you have a list you can use either the correct (according to the Oxford folks)

something, something else, and something other

or the incorrect

something, something else and something other

The big difference is whether the comma is put in after the next to last item and before the word and. The correct (Oxford) way has the comma and the incorrect (and much more commonly taught in American schools) was is to leave it out. Here’s what can happen if you leave it out.

Oxford Comma Damage

Now you can say what you want about Mr. Mandella…and I’m sure he’s a lot of things…but one thing I’m pretty sure he’s not is a dildo collector which the above newspaper story seems to imply.

See…you can learn something from reading this blog:-) Next time (or whenever if not) I’ll have to tell you the story about the Meanest Animal in the Jungle…the Wild African Duwalley.


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    Great posst thank you

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